Life is busy….. it’s a long weekend  ( well at least it is as I write this…) we have places to be, errands to run, kids to care for, jobs to get to… we have a lot of stuff on the list of “ To Do’s”,  and generally WE get placed at the bottom of the list… and we stay there, for far longer than we deserve too.


I don’t know everything but I DO know that you can find 10 minutes in your day to give to yourself… and in this 10 minutes I suggest you either A) Meditate or B) do this workout

You require NOTHING other than yourself and maybe an interval timer.


30 seconds FAST work, 20 second HOLD, 10 second RECOVER


30 second BURPEE / 20 second HIGH PLANK , 10 second RECOVER X 2

30 second SQUAT JUMP / 20 second SQUAT HOLD / 10 second RECOVER X 2

30 second MT CLIMBER / 20 second PUSH UP / 10 second RECOVER X 2

30 second V UPS / 20 second PLANK / 10 sec RECOVER X 2

30 second ALT. LUNGES / 20 second SPLIT LUNGES / 10 second RECOVER X 2


NOW….. I would LOVE for you to DM my Instagram and let me know you’ve actually done this workout and let me know what you think.


You deserve time,to sweat, to sit in stillness, to take a breath and to feed your soul….



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