WTF does Fitness mean anyway??

I was talking with a client / friend of mine the other day about food, and what makes food “healthy” and what the term “fitness” meant and how the whole fitness world is exploding… which is cool and all but a little scary as to what these “FITNESS PEOPLE” are promoting…

*Please note that this is a bit of a rant and by NO MEANS directed at everyone in fitness, or even anyone in particular… After all… I work full time as a fitness personality, but there are a few and I just don’t support it

A few topics that get under my skin….

INSERT SUGAR FREE / CALORIE FREE / CHEMICALLY ENHANCED bullshit products that are being suggested as FOOD.

I admit that I went through a phase where I thought sugar free meant healthy and that fat free meant healthy… and then I educated myself, and if nothing else I hope that maybe ONE person looking for some guidance and suggestions for their fitness journey finds this educational.

Sugar, in short is the devil. YES it’s true.

Fats however are not…. why we are still trying to eat low fat is beyond me… .anyway…. Onwards

Chemicals( which is exactly what the majority of sugar free products are), kind of fall into the realm of the devil as well.

Generally speaking sugar free products are higher in fats ( never the fats we SHOULD be eating by the way, otherwise I’d be all over that) in order to make it taste good, because let’s be honest, sugar is delicious. If they aren’t packed with fats then they are packed with chemicals, and I just don’t think filling ourselves with sugar OR chemicals is something to be considered relevant to FITNESS.

My “CHEAT” MEALS are ok but your choice in food is not.

I get that if you are a “fitness” person, you likely eat a very structured “clean” diet 90{a11460f0ca4dc57ef19e06bac66e97835aea44e04b09f8cfda24e5fd4631870e} of the time. I’ve done the whole prep thing, I follow a regimented plan as well. My problem isn’t with your choice in everyday meals my problem lays in the criticism you give off to others who do NOT eat the same as you.

You see, you can’t hide from the fact that your “cheat meals” are an insanely high indulgence, maybe only once a week, but the food choices are FAR from good choices. It’s plastered all over social media, in a boastful look at me kind of way in a celebration of the plethora of garbage you are ingesting. The exact food that when others eat you judge them on.


Correct me if I am wrong, but we as the “Fitness People” are often looked at for inspiration and motivation, and I take that as a very important role.

It is NONE of my business what someone else is eating, or not eating, unless asked for my advice. It is not my business to make anyone feel bad about choices they have made, rather I am hoping I can excite and inspire them to make a different choice next time.



This one is tough…. I love that humans have drive and determination to always work harder and be “better”, whatever better means to them.

My issue with this is when people post body selfies of a seemingly “perfect” ( according to society anyway) and the caption is a complaint about their body. “Holding water, feeling puffy, getting there….. ”

What does that tell your followers who are striving SO HARD to lose ACTUAL weight?

There are ways to word your captions so that you are expressing gratitude for your body as is and excitement around continuing to strive for more…..


I have written about this before, and so I won’t go too far into it, but your ASS is not a sign of your health, wellness or fitness level…. It is in fact a sign of your self esteem…. or lack there of?

The odd cute, funny shot that has your butt as a bit of main focus with a sassy caption is one thing, but the IN YO FACE, skinnnnnnn tight bottoms…. or no bottoms???? is NOT FITNESS….. IT IS PORN

Now I very much appreciate what goes into building this body, specifically your glutes, but it can be admired in a pair of nicely fitted jeans or dress… in fact it looks better that way. Or I don’t know, if it’s so big and awesome lets see some pics of you doing plyometrics like a total champ, Put that thing to work.

I am signing off now, mostly because my neck hurts looking down at the screen, and I can ramble, and nobody likes to read rambles….

Also nobody works out in a bikini…. or “shorts” that essentially are a thong… NOBODY.

Fitness is about feeling balanced and mobile in your own body. Feeling fresh and energized and able. Fitness is a lifestyle which includes a lot of real whole foods and some yummy decadent treats on occasion.

Here’s to your fitness



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