Why I’d rather be Outside

Have you ever stood in the middle of a rain forest and just looked UP?

Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff, looking DOWN?

Have you ever climbed a mountain and stood at the top and just admired the greatness that is the ground you stand on?

Have you ever taken a boat out into the open water and just looked around noticing the beauty in the vast silence?

Getting outside especially in today’s world full of technology running most lives has a number of benefits, that are worth you knowing.



Vitamin Dis one of the most important hormones in optimal health. YEP a hormone, not just a vitamin. Vitamins D is CRUCIAL in maintaining a healthy immune system. Low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to Osteoporosis, Cancers and Alzheimers, MS, Diabetes, heart disease and auto immune disorders. Get some sunlight in your life and take control of your health.


Eye health: Artificial light provokes near sightedness & prevents CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) yes it’s thing…stare at a screen all day and tell me you see clearly without any strain. This terrible habit that we are all guilty of is the primary source of headaches… and nobody likes a headache. Turn your screen off and turn the world on.


Improves Sleep:We have terrible sleep patterns. Statistically speaking society does NOT get enough rest.Sleep patterns are regulated by our internal clock which is known as our circadian rhythm.

Our CR is tied directly to the suns schedule, did you know that?? Spend too much time indoors away from the sun and you are interfering with your body natural CR. Get outside and then get to bed.

A breath of CLEAN fresh air:Yes there are pollutants in a lot of our outdoor world,predominately within cities and towns, but have you ever thought about the pollutants of our indoor? Turns out indoor pollution is 2-5 times worse (and in some cases up to 100 times) worse than outdoor pollutants. Remove yourself from the toxins and get outside.


Feel Grounded: Grounding or earthing, which is when your bare feet are in contact with the natural earth has some pretty incredible benefits.Theory states that because the earth is at a higher negative charge than our body, when our skin touches the earth we absurd the earths electrons.

We all have electrical energy, and modern technology has a way of throwing that energy off at times. Free radicals from just living a modern lifestyle and having daily exposure to pollutants, technology (EMFs), and more can build up in the body as free radicals. When we get back in touch (literally!) with the earth, the free radicals neutralize, our health can improve, and we bring ourselves back in sync with the earths energy field. (

Makes you Happy: Being outside has been scientifically linked to improving our attention spans, boost in serotonin which is our feel good neurotransmitter) as well as a noticeable increase of activity in the parts of our brain that are responsible for empathy, emotional stability and love. Feeling down? Get your butts outside and smile… because its hard not too


Getting outside with some friends is such a wonderful way to reconnect feel inspired share an amazing experience and bond. Getting outside with yourself is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself, set some goals and intentions. It’s a great opportunity to discover pieces of yourself that you perhaps never had the opportunity to connect with.

Bottom line my friends, Slowly step away from your computer or phone screen, put your shoes on and head outside:)))

I’ll see you out there



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