Why I Want You to Eat MUSHROOMS

We’ve been eating them forever, but do we know what or why we are eating?

“We are most closely related to Fungi than any other kingdom…”

– Paul Stamens, Mycomedicinals

When we eat medicinal mushrooms, such as Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Shiitake and Maitake, we are ingesting highly absorbable medicinal constituents that are recognized by the human body. They are recognized by the human body so clearly because our make up is actually incredibly similar to mushrooms…. Crazy right?

The education around these mushrooms is super interesting and I want to wet your pallet without over informing you. You are welcome too, and I suggest singing up for the FREE mushroom academy with FourSigmatic, which you can find in here: 

Lets Chat Reishi.

Cool Tid Bit #1: Grows on trees, such as hemlock. Specifically trees that are at the end of their lifespan.

Cool Tid Bit #2: Known as the QUEEN of mushrooms

Cool Tid Bit #3: Reishi is an Adaptogen( helps with stress) holds calming properties, grounding properties, assists sound sleep, improves liver function and is cleansing to the liver.

Cool Tid Bit #4: Reishi is Antihistaminic, which helps greatly with allergies, as well as with candida build up.  A mushroom that fights mushrooms!!

Cool Tid Bit #5: Reishi helps balance blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol

Cool Tid Bit #6: Reishi helst oxygenate the blood and increases absorption of oxygen

Cool Tid Bit #7 : Reishi is an  Anti Oxidant as well as anti arthritic

Cool Tid Bit #8: Reishi helps reduce blood fat levels

Cool Tid Bit #9: Reishi disrupts viral disease and has been beneficial in cancer treatment

Cool Tid Bit #10: Reishi assists in pain relief

Because of the sleep assistance, I suggest drinking your Reishi later in the day.

Check out Reishi here : Reishi Elixir


Chaga Time. 

Known as the KING of all mushrooms, dating back to usage  as a coffee substitute  in world war 2, also known as the cancer fungus, due to it’s anti cancer properties.

Chaga is also grows on trees, mostly birch in northern hemisphere. ( maple and ash too, but most of the  health benefits come from the birch)

Cool Tid Bit #1: Chaga shows the highest amount gram for gram of antioxidants of anything else. ANYTHING ELSE

Cool Tid Bit #2: Chaga is high in both botulin and betulinic acid, which makes it SUPER anti viral

Cool Tid Bit #3: Chaga is very anti inflammatory, Immune Enhancing and Balancing and Anti-Cancer

Cool Tid Bit #4: Chaga holds a high dose of melanin, making it great for eyes, hair and nails

Cool Tid Bit #5: Great for digestion health

Cool Tid Bit #6: Chaga is potentially the MOST alkalizing source available.

Cool Tid Bit #7: Chaga is really high in essential minerals, including Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Chromium, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium.

Cool Tid Bit #8: Chaga is a blood purifier

Delicious Chaga Cacao here: Chaga cacao


Time For Cordyceps

Cool Tid Bit #1 : Known as natures energy pill ( cool story from a 1993 world running championships,the Chinese athletes broke multiple world records. They drew al to of attention for the amount of records they kept breaking that they  were tested for doping …and passed. When asked what the hell they were doing, it all came down to ingesting cordyceps)

Cool Tid Bit #2: This guy does NOT grow on trees but in fact grows on insects…gross right hahah try and ignore that … its so damn good for you.( more on this later)

Cool Tid Bit #3: Cordyceps come to us thanks to historical  sherpas from the high himalayans. During strenuoushig level treks the sherpas experienced a 180 turn around with the energy of their Yaks . Naturally the yaks would tire on these journeys but things changes  as the yaks  grazed on cordyceps covered insects. The sherpas took note of the energy boost in their Yaks being produced by the cordyceps, tried it on themselves and VOILA…. it worked for them too

Cool Tid Bit #4: Cordyceps are one of the most expensive foods in the world, costing tens of thousands per kilo.Currently very few of the cordyceps available today are not grown on insects, they are grown on fermentation, and are vegan friendly. Having ways to grow these shrooms with fermentation allows the general population to afford them as well. THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY

Cool Tid Bit #5: Cordyceps improves the function of your lungs and energy production by promoting ATP production ( your built in human battery )

Cool Tid Bit #6: Cordyceps is amazing for respiratory improvements and therefor great for asthma sufferers Has also been shown to improve our Vo2 max up to 15%. This mushroom is an athletes dream come true

Cool Tid Bit #7: Cordyceps Relieves fatigue and calms the nervous system

Cool Tid Bit #8: Cordyceps is an Immune stimulant, making it  anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-tumor

Cool Tid Bit #9: Cordyceps is known as a great Aphrodisiac … sometimes going by the name Cordy Sex 🙂

Cordyceps Coffee: Coffee N Cordyceps



We’re back to shrooms that grow on trees

Cool Tid Bit #1: Lions Mane carries some really unique health benefits that currently aren’t found anywhere else. These include cognitive enhancements and memory concentration, making it a great tool for concussion treatment, parkinsons and  alzheimers

Cool Tid Bit #2: Lions Manr can be used as a meat substitute. I haven’t tried this yet but am super open to it.

Cool Tid Bit #3: Lions Mane is a great immune support as it’s a great antioxidant ( not quite as great as chaga but still great)

Cool Tid Bit #4: Lions Mane regenerates nerve growth factors which are proteins that help rejuvenate our brain. THIS IS A BIG DEAL

Cool Tid Bit #5: Lions Mane is awesome for muscle and nerve recovery making it super useable to athletes or anyone suffering from current or past injuries.

I will be blogging more on these guys in the future, including recipes and how to incorporate mushrooms into your daily regime.

I didn’t touch on Shiitake or Maitake in today’s blog but they are TOTALLY worth learning about and I’m excited to share them with you 🙂

Lions Mane Elixir : Lions Mane blend

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