Why HOLISTIC isn’t just for the Hippies

H0 – Lis – Tic :

1 . Characterized by comprehension of the parts of somethings intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

2 . Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.


We will get back to that in a minute, first I want to ask you what you want out of life …

Or do you even care
Do you want to grow old?  Do you want to travel the world, have a family, play sports, play with grandchildren one day.  Do you want to build an empire, volunteer all over the globe.  Do you want to exercise and stay healthy and on your game?

I have yet to meet someone who says no to all of those. No I do not want to grow old and stay healthy…COME ON.

We live in a world, and I work in the thick of it, where physical “wellness” we will call it ( when more often than not it should be known as physical appearance ) is our number one focus.

This would be great…if it were actually about wellness.


Fitness is a multi million dollar industry with as many “Quick fix” products as one knows what to do with. So much focus on having that Six Pack and ridding cellulite with god knows what creams that we are losing the focus on WELLNESS. WHOLENESS, HEALTH.

Everything seems to be a quick bandage cover up of an actual problem.

You can’t seem to lose weight? Try this new fad diet, it’s sure to work. Yes exactly lets remove MORE calories and nutrients from you so you can mess up your metabolism and hormonal balance even more.

What needs to be happening is instead of jumping at us with quick fixes that DON’T ACTUALLY WORK, there needs to be more emphasis and push for more HOLISTIC approaches.

Look deeper, discuss both internal and external stressors that may be playing a role in hormonal imbalance. Look at potential food allergies, challenges in ones lifestyle.

The “problem” will never actually be resolved with the bandage approach…never. The real problem, will always re surface if it’s not treated properly, from all angles.

HOLISTIC TREATMENTS, or approaches don’t mean hippie voodoo herbal concoctions…I mean they CAN mean that, if that is what will help rebalance the root problem, but HOLISTIC treatments are so much more than that.

Holistic approaches or treatments focus on the root problem and how we can rebalance whatever it is that has fallen out of balance.

For example Cortisol, our stress hormone. The root of MILLIONS of weight gain problems for men and women alike.

Work gets super busy, our relationships may be slipping, You’ve started prepping for a fitness competition or race of sort, the kids have 17 after school activities. Or maybe everything is great…SO great in fact that you can barely sit still. You’re getting married, planning a European vacation, the kids are enrolled in 6 summer camps that you are both so excited for, you just got a promotion, your best friend is back in town an you’re planning a killer weekend. All of these things, positive or negative, physical or not, all of them place our mind and body in a state of stress.

What happens when our body and mind is living in a state of stress is our cortisol levels will sky rocket in response and our fat storage goes on high drive. The most dangerous place to be is in a constant state of stress ( and most of us don’t even know our realities are stressful, we have just gotten so used to them). However even if we aren’t in a constant state, shorter bursts of stress does the same thing.

Tell me if you know this person, or perhaps maybe you ARE this person.

Hard working, pays attention to nutrition, eats well, drinks only on occasion, works out 5-6 times a week, her maybe even goes for a hike on day 7 and for whatever reason CAN NOT get rid of this 15 pounds.

What do they do? Most often, they workout MORE.

Working out MORE simply adds more stress to the body, making it EVEN HARDER to lose the 15 pounds. When instead what they SHOULD do and would benefit more from is taking a step back and looking at their reality to see if anything needs changing.

How stressed are they in their everyday life?
How is work….Really?

How is your relationship….Really?

Kids driving you crazy lately…?

How many rest days are you taking…?

How is the relationship with your co- workers, in-laws, sibling…?

What is your diet filled with…Really?

Is there an area that could use some attention?

Perhaps removing yourself from some potentially negative emotions and situations and find something to substitute that brings you quiet and happiness.

If you are overtraining perhaps take 1-2 days a week off of your regular routine to allow your body to rest and recover.

Maybe those sugar free fat free lattes you have been ordering thinking you are SO healthy, should be limited to NONE. Get the artificial crap out of your system, just give it a try. We are so quick to jump on the newest “quick fix” product out there because THIS TIME IT HAS TO WORK.
Trust me… It doesn’t and it won’t.

You can have such incredible physical ( and emotional) success using the proper food sources with appropriate vitamin and mineral make up, and supporting your hormonal balance rather than stressing it.

If you can commit to targeting more the ROOT problem rather than smacking a bandaid on in hopes it works, I promise you longevity in your health.

Living a Holistic life means that you take care of yourself FIRST from within.

I mean deep within, your ROOT, your inner buddha, God if you will. Your happiness centre and your health centre are located in your guts, your soul. With an imbalance of any sort ( and let’s be honest, we will always have imbalance coming and going) it can be very easy for a bit of a spiral effect to take place if the root problem isn’t remedied.

I will go back to the question I asked you at the beginning of the blog.


Whatever your answer, if it involves you living in your best healthiest self, I urge you to look deeper and find some space for holistic healing.


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