Why eating CLEAN isn’t going to help you lose weight

I recently posted something to my Instagram, that was intended to be light and funny, but it hit a mark with one of my followers, who then reached out to me to explain why it bothered her.

I welcomed this, and I always welcome conversation, especially if I have done something to create upset within someone.

The post was about why you can’t lose weight.

The reality is there are a million reasons as to why somebody isn’t losing weight.

Of course my initial question for someone who can’t seem to lose weight is “What does your nutrition look like” and often we can make some adjustments and VOILA, weight shifts and we make progress. The truth is MOST people are eating more crap then they even know. ( Even though the most common response to my question is ” I eat pretty good”……)

Now if someone DOES actually eat “pretty good” AND is hydrated AND sleeping AND exercising regularly and STILL not losing any weight, I usually will shift their training style to shock the body. This often will help the process, but not always. ( in which case we do the last option)

Now if someone is eating sort of mostly good, I will shift their eating and make sure they are INDEED eating properly for their body and activity levels. I will remove any “extras” for at least 3-4 weeks and see what shift we get from that.

Something else to look at, is hormones, especially with female clients. There are so many sources of upset when it comes to hormonal imbalances, including but not limited to birth control, stress, lack of sleep, postpartum, pre menopause, menopause etc

If there are imbalances in your hormones you could be forever fighting the weight loss/ gain game until you take the time to work with someone on rebalancing them. ( I have seen my naturopath to do just this, after removing the birth control pill from my life after 17 years)

Another factor and likely the most common and frequently LAST to be touched on and I wish it were the first …. unknown FOOD ALLERGIES.

One of the first foods I remove from  a clients diet is DAIRY…for a few reasons, but mostly because it’s SUPER inflammatory. What does that mean? Inflammation is the number one root of all disease, so aside from any potential weight gain, I want you disease free, so it needs to go ( as do other inflammatory foods, which is where this is going)

There are a number of inflammatory foods that are known to cause problems in EVERYONE, but then there are hidden inflammatory foods that are going to effect SOME and not others. As an example, after having a full food allergy testing done with her Naturopath, one of my clients discovered she was allergic to, therefor dealing with inflammatory responses from QUINOA, YAM, OATS, GLUTEN, DATES…some of the greatest “healthy, clean food”

These healthy foods were causing her massive amounts of inflammation and resulting in  an inability to lose any weight. On top of weight she couldn’t get off, she was always irritable, unable to sleep well,irritated skin,  had very slow muscle recovery. Within a week of removing all of her inflammatory foods, weight began to fall off, she was sleeping, her skin cleared up , she was happier…

It’s so interesting, that foods we title as ” clean” or “healthy” can in fact be so bad for us, and we can go our whole life struggling against it. As a personal trainer, and someone who has experienced this with more than one client, I would rather you spend the $500 ( I’m guessing, everyone will be different ) on a full board food allergy test to find out WHAT YOU SHOULD BE EATING as well as NOT EATING, instead of training. You can not out train a bad diet, nor can you fool your hormones or allergies. Dig deep, find out what your body requires and give it that.

When you hear the term, ” YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” it’s not a joke… We Truly are what we eat and if we are eating toxic foods, our body will be toxic. It’s pretty simple.  There are obvious toxic foods such as sugar, dairy, alcohol and drugs, but the not to obvious ones are almost harder to deal with because they can go ignored for so long. It will require you taking initiative and booking an appointment with your naturopath for a full food allergy test. Yes a “regular” MD can test allergies but from experience the approach your naturopath takes is different and I would lean towards that. ( Anyone in Vic interested please reach out to me for some awesome suggestions)

There are so many fad diets out there and unlimited opinions being splattered all over your computer and phone screens as to what you SHOULD be eating, and what is TERRIBLE for you…… these statements are not the answer for everyone, they are not the holy grail they are NOT the only way. Take what you read and research it, ask questions and decide if it is something you feel confident in. What may work wonders for BOB may not work for JIM and what works really well for SARAH, might work on LISA but not KERRY……

Be kind to yourself, Be honest… if you have really done what you are ” supposed to do” nutritionally and physically and nothing is changing, invest in yourself, you are worth it. It will be a one time shot, leaving you with education on YOU and what your body needs to be its healthiest self.



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