Who’s Thoughts are Those Anyway

Have you ever thought about that?

Ha, get it….. THOUGHT about your thoughts?

What ARE thoughts, where do they come from, what do they mean?
Are my thoughts real?

Are they the the truth?

Am I right?

Do I even believe my thought? Do I like them?

What the hell am I thinking? What am I saying…..

You know when someone shares their opinion on a subject and your response is

“Oh wow I have never thought about it that way before”…

PROOF that our thoughts are in fact NOT the only, and perhaps not the truth.

It’s also shining a light on the fact that perhaps those aren’t YOUR thoughts after all.
They might be thoughts that have been taught to you by your family , friends and or media over the years.



OKAY what is a thought and where do they come from??


A thought is an emotion, a recognition of reaction, it is a sentiment.

Rooted from a past experience, maybe ours, maybe someone else’s, in which an emotion was attached to, and from there stored as a memory and now a thought.

Everything we think comes from a memory.

Keep in mind a lot of us have TERRIBLE memories… I know for example that MY memory should often NEVER be trusted, and yet my thoughts are flying around from this place… and often not questioned.


The collective human mind, by collective I mean society as a whole creates our thoughts. When we hear did bits of information throughout the day the info bubbles glob onto our brain and then become a part of our thoughts.

So truly, its rare, if at all, the thoughts we have are ACTUALLY ours…. and are ACTUALLY realistic or worth paying much attention too.

Everything we THINK should be questioned …BY US.


Don’t believe everything you hear, think or say.

Question it all…. dive in, learn, evolve

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