Who Are You When No-one is Looking…

When the spotlight is off, when the job is done, when everyones asleep, when your parents leave, when your partner is away, when you don’t have to be “ON”….


W H O      A R E     Y O U ???


Do you even know? Have you been playing the role for so long now that it seems like your norm, like your identity ??

You’re the parent, the teacher, the foreman, the server, the student, the child, the roommate, the sister, the brother, the one of 100 on the subway every morning, the sheep in the herd…..a number in the union… the guy girls don’t even look at… the girl guys stand up…WHO ARE YOU???

I promise  you you are NONE of these things….

N O N E    O F    T H E M . . .

We are more than our job, more than our family title, more than our dating status… more than our fears and insecurities…

We are life, we are energy, we are power, we are capable… we are EVERYTHING.

If you have no roles to play…. no titles to fit into… WHO…. what kind of person would you be?

I know that seems kind of hard to put into words … almost overwhelming…. like you think I expect you to say something specific… I DON’T.


Here’s an easy way to come up with the answer…

WHAT WOULD YOU WANT AND HOPE PEOPLE WOULD SAY ABOUT YOU AT YOUR FUNERAL…. ( not what you THINK… or self sabotagingly think… but what you would LOVE for people to say)

  • Kind, Generous, Compassionate, Warm, Loving, Patient…. perhaps your list may include some of these…

Once you have a few things…. heart filling, wonderful things of course… the next step is taking daily action towards becoming THAT PERSON….


WHY? Because THAT is who you want to be… THAT is who you crave to be…. THAT is who the world is waiting for….

How we live in our day to day lives when our actions aren’t displayed for the world to see and pat us on our backs, is called Karma Yoga, and it needs to be practiced, DAILY.

By making even the smallest changes in our actions, maybe instead of holding a negative thought of judgement for the man or woman knocking on your car window for change…. instead you give a thought of kindness and compassion. Send them a loving thought and a smile.

Instead of raging at the truck that just cut you off in traffic, perhaps you instead take a deep breath and feel gratitude that you were able to see the action and avoid an accident.Wish them a safe drive and carry on…
It’s these small habitual changes that begin to make a larger impact in how  you go about your day and what type of energy you bring forth into the world.

The more you bring in this loving positive energy the more you BECOME it and next thing you know….. YOU’RE THE PERSON THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT AT THE FUNERAL…..

BUT you’re ALIVE… SO SO SO alive…. and not only alive but living in such a high vibe state that you make the world around you better…..



STOP LIVING THE ROLE…. it ISN’T YOU.. it ISN’T ME….. we are bigger than that


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