When Bad Advice Happens to Good People

You can have a piece of cake…Once in a while.

But just one, and KNOW that the entire time you are eating that piece of cake your entire muscle mass is dramatically deteriorating


This is what my client and I heard a trainer telling his clients this morning, and we both stopped dead in our tracks and just stared at each other in shock.


I get it, there are a million ways to train, a million ways to eat, some work and some don’t. There isn’t a fitness holy bible ( well … there is the Arnold Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding… )
Everybody knows “the right way” in fitness, and the truth is, and this includes myself, they don’t.

But what we DO have, or at least I’d hope is an open mind and wide base of knowledge on various approaches to diet and exercise. What works really well for one person won’t always work for the next.

As an example, I have a girlfriend who is the fittest, leanest little thing who eats 300g of Carbohydrates each day with quite limited cardio and remains shredded, and on the flip side I have a client who struggles to lose weight on 150g of carbs, and daily cardio sessions.
So for me to suggest to my client that she should follow my friends plan because it works for her is ridiculous, you know what I mean?


Back to the cake..


Do I think you can eat cake all day and reach your fitness goals, or even maintain them? No but I sure as hell think you can work in some extra calories here and there along the way.

Does eating one piece of cake cause your muscle to atrophy ?



**Quick Sugar Talk**

Obviously we all know the importance of maintaining a low sugar nutritional intake ( I hate the word diet) for reasons such as fighting off disease, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay etc BUT sugar plays a slightly different role if used properly. Let me explain

 Post workout, you’ve just smashed your workout and you’re feeling great. Your body is in a catabolic state and is breaking down fats and muscle for energy, because you have just used it all up. Sugar, as you may know causes an increase in blood sugar levels, and excess sugar gets pumped into your muscle. Now since your muscle is currently “starved” for energy, the sugar ingested post workout will be fed directly to the muscle and not stored as fat. ( Side note, THIS is where Magnum’s new product MIMIC plays a role by mimicking the role of insulin, to directly shuttle the carbs / sugars to your muscle)

I am not suggesting to eat cake post workout, but if you WERE to have some, it wouldn’t be the WORST time 🙂

The best option is a high GI food, like a banana or even honey mixed with some protein.


Back to the trainer handing out advice this morning. He has now left his client feeling scared to every have another treat in fear that all of his #gains will be lost, when in reality, they won’t be.


As a Personal Trainer, or fitness professional it is our JOB to educate and guide.

THIS IS WHAT WE KNOW, this is our specialty. If what we do with one client doesn’t work like it did with another, then we re-evaluate and try something else.


If you work with a trainer, don’t be scared to ask questions.

I have heard this particular individual “educate” their clients on numerous topics and more often than not I am left shaking my head. Not only at what I am hearing, but then at the fact that nobody is questioning the information.

I understand that when you hire someone for whatever it is they do, you should have the confidence in them that what they know is valid and that they are good at their job.

The truth is there are great teachers and there are less than great, There are great mechanics and there are bad mechanics, there are great plumbers and lowsey plumbers.


I asked my FB friends to share some of their favorite words of BAD ADVICE, these are all ones that I also feel are amazingly OFF BASE.

  1. Carbs make you fat
  2. Ab Belts will give you a 6 pack , lol
  3. Exercise while pregnant will cause a miscarriage
  4. Women should avoid lifting weights
  5. No food past 8 pm
  6. Protein makes you fat
  7. Diets in general…. any of them


It really is simple, and quite enjoyable.

Eat real food, in a balanced approach with adequate carb, protein and fat count, drink water, move your body daily, sleep and avoid stress when possible.
The more your goals increase and the more fit you become these “simple” things might need to be fine tuned a bit, but the base rules will remain.


Be good to YOU, ask questions, educate yourself, lift weights, and have a bloody piece of cake once in a while 😉




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