What I learned when I found my mat

I learned to unlearn all I once was led to believe

I learned to listen more to my soul and than to the voices

I learned to celebrate what my body was capable of and focus less on what it looked like

I learned to breathe

I learned to accept

I learned to adapt

I learned to expand

I learned to surrender

I learned to appreciate

I learned the power of a moment

I learned to ask questions

I learned I often have the answers

I learned that the shape of a pose is never the goal

I learned that my thoughts, are often not even my own

I learned that I absolutely am not required to believe everything I hear...or say

I've learned a lot, and the most amazing part about it all is that I still have SO MUCH TO LEARN.

One of my favorite pieces of knowledge to share with my friends and students is that YOGA, doesn't have to be a scary thing, or an uninteresting thing, or a scary thing..... YOGA is a self discovery kinda thing, a journey, a given moment in your busy day that you get to fully commit to YOU.

It's quietness, stillness, tuning in, asking your body what it needs, offering your mind space to S L O W D O W N. Yoga is loosening what is locked up, lengthening what might be scrunching inwards, it's stretching your muscles, it's easing pain. Yoga is creating room in your own body to move more freely, and room in your mind to expand your creativity, compassion, self awareness...

Yoga is for everyone.

The athlete, the regular and not so regular gym go-er, the runner, the cyclist, the grandfather, grandmother. Yoga is for the stressed out wall street investor, the artist, the student, the child. Yoga is for men, it's for women, it's for them and us. Yoga is for tall bodies and short bodies, active bodies and sedentary bodies..... Yoga is for each of us, it is accessible to everyone.



What we see when we google or search #yoga on any social media platform is often an image of what is no question a beautiful acrobatic looking shape of a human, but does not represent properly Y O G A.



I would love to share with YOU what yoga means to me. I teach every Tuesday night 7 pm at Kwench Culture Club in Victoria ( with the occasional sub location, please do check in with me before attending to confirm location) as well as every Saturday morning 830 am.

My classes are all levels , all genders, all size, all beliefs welcome.... all the things...... come, sit, close your eyes, connect, breathe and move with me.


IG : @Kyla_fit

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