Travel India with Me

Ahhhhhhhh INDIA….. I can’t even begin to explain my love for this country.

I first went to India November of 2016, for just under a month, on my own to finally fulfill my dream of adventuring India.

I first started my trip in Kolkata, where I spent 3 days volunteering at Mother Theresas’ Home for the Dying and Destitute.  I had first found this centre on a documentary called HAPPY ( which you should watch for sure, find it on Netflix)

It was hard to track down info on this place, all I could find was a small blog like page telling me to show up Monday Wednesday or Friday at 3 pm to register. Bring my passport and Voila.

So that’s what I did, I began my trip in Kolkata, 3 blocks down from the centre and my love story began.

I ended up in the centre for highly physically and mentally disabled children aged 0-12. The centre was FULL of loving and wonderful children who were without families and living with some of the most severe disabilities. They were angels and I missed them the moment I left…… I was onto my next adventure, in Varanasi.


Ohhhhhhhhhh Varanasi, the city of spiritual discovery and growth. The mother river Ganga ( gangees) flows through Varanasi and my hotel was only steps away from this holy water.

I witnessed families burning their lost loved ones at burning gaat, I watched the sun rise over the river while the local holy men (sadhu) bathed and meditated. I watched the sun set while the bells and charms sang out over the river with sandalwood burning everywhere during the fire ceremony  aarti.


My senses were overwhelmed in the most magical way here, but I needed to move on… I needed Yoga, I needed GOA.


I finished my time in India on the beach of Patnam,  in Goa at Lotus Oasis Yoga. I slept in my ocean front hut with my hammock out front, drank fresh juice, ate fresh food and practiced twice a day while suntanning and exploring on my time off. I made friends I made memories and I began a love story that I honestly believe will continue through my life.


From here I had no real idea as to when I would find myself back in India, but I knew I would. I soon began planning to officially get my Yoga teacher training and thought, PERFECT, I’ll go to India. I had a really hard time finding somewhere I felt good about and ended up with a familiar teacher, Eoin Finn and will be spending the month of May in Bali with his Blissology program .

I met Paul, a lovely man who lives about an hour away from me, born in India, with a passion for returning and sharing his country with others.

Long story short his life has been spent with his wonderful family, creating a life in Canada, with a dream to one day return to his northern region Punjab by running tours.

Fast forward to now….. We have created a travel experience for anyone looking to experience the country but maybe unsure as to where to even begin.

Here’s the plan.

14 days in northern India with Kyla and Paul ( he’s fluent in hindi which is a game changer lol)

Canadian travellers we will book your flights, non Canadian travellers you will have to find your own flight, having you arrive in Delhi September 14.2018 . For your departing flight, you may stay longer if you wish, but our tour is over September 28.

We will be spending a good mix of our time staying in the home of Pauls family in his families village ( this is a home that is un lived in, we are not sharing a home with anyone but out travel companions.) We will be ensuring the bathrooms are up to western standards, and there is privacy in the sleeping quarters.

We will learn to cook from the wonderful local women…bring your notepads:)

Day 1, New Delhi (Trip Starts)

Day 2, Agra
Day 3-4, Jaipur

Day 5 Delhi

Day 6, Punjab Village

Day 7, Dasuya Village

Day 8, Amritsar

Day 9, Punjab Village​

Day 10, Dharmsala

Day 11, Village​

Day 12, Jalandhar

Day 13, Chandigarh

Day 14,
New Delhi (Trip Ends

PLEASE feel free to check out the website for more information, www.authenticindiaadventures.com

Cost :

CDN $4600 includes everything except some hotel meals which we will  likely share as a family, seeing as food is served in large servings and is very cheap

US $2500 ( plus your flight)

DEPOSIT of $500 is needed by MARCH 31,2018

You can reach me at kyla@insideoutfitnessvictoria.com

There are 3 spaces left!

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