Kyla Gagnon

Experience:15 years

Kyla Gagnon

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer / Sports Nutrition Specialist / Blissology Yoga Teacher / DoTERRA Essential Oil Educator


Hey, it's Ky
I knew at the age of 18 that fitness was where I wanted to build a career. I knew early on that I had  a passion for living a life of wellness and an equally strong passion for connecting with others on their journey to do the same. I have been so blessed to call this work my "job" for the past 16 years.
 I have worked with all levels of fitness from all walks of life. From brand new moms to new brides and grooms. Teenagers, seniors, fitness competitors, RCMP, and police trainees,  as well as our local emergency response team both police and fire. I work with clients internationally through the wonderful world of the Internet. And have been lucky enough to be witness to some incredible life changes, that not only impact the lives of my clients but have impacted my life greatly as well.
 I am not the trainer who is going to yell at you or make you feel guilty about the choices you have made. I am the trainer who’s going to come at you with a ton of compassion understanding and love. We all have tough days, I get it.  If I’ve done my job correctly you will learn not only safe and effective exercise strategies but you also learn self-compassion, patience, and love. In my opinion, if you can combine all of these together you will lead a long healthy happy life
I very much look forward to meeting you.

I train my clients with the same belief that I train myself...Breathe your deepest, work your hardest and hold compassion for yourself along the way.


Nutrition Coach
Strength + Conditioning