To Be a Beautiful Fuck Up

We were deep in a Blissology discussion… open hearted, open minded, open topic.


Anthony spoke up and said….. “I think it’s important that we remember that it’s ok, totally ok to be a total fuck up and absolutely beautiful all at the same time”

And when he said that, I felt my heart explode just a little bit. I wrote it down in my journal and circled it a good 50 times with arrows pointing to it and the words “BLOG ABOUT THIS”


I didn’t know what I would write about, but I knew it was a message that I wanted so badly to share with you.

I don’t know everything….. I have never pretended too….. What I do know though, is that I am a beautiful fuck up…. on so many levels…… and I love Me.


I have tried things and I have failed. I have set goals and I have let myself fall short of accomplishing them. I have asked for advice and completely ignored it. I have said things I never meant. I have lied, I have cheated, I have taken people for granted, I have treated myself with little to no respect…. I have fucked up.

Each and every fuck up, helped shape who I have become… who I am becoming.

Each and every fuck up has reminded me that I am an imperfect perfect human. I am alive… I am living. I am learning. and I am growing.

I have stories to tell and songs to sing… I have scars and soft spots, and baggage…. I’ve experienced wonderful adventure and heartbreaking war… I have felt it all…. and it’s all beautiful.

I acknowledge my flaws, I acknowledge my contributions to failed relationships, both platonic and romantic, and all I can do is accept the experiences as lessons, and part of my story. I accept that these moments of “fucking up” are the pieces of me that make me feel… that make me real… that make me beautiful.

You are beautiful, as a soul, living in a human body… fucking up left right and centre…. Just as you should be.

Release the judgement …. You are doing perfectly fine…


let go of perfection, live through experiences, learn from the mess…

Go ahead and Fuck up

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