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– Spirulina, often confused with Chlorella ( will discuss differences below) is a blue-green algea found in fresh water, thousands of years older than its cousin chlorella.

*chlorella holds a hard cell wall that makes chlorella closer to a plant than an algea.

-Spirulina has the ability to withstand EXTREME weather variences, making it among the toughest substances on the planet, not only surviving but THRIVING. This is partly what has casued the discussion of Spirulina holding the power to possibly end world hunger with its powerful nutrient buildup.

-Spirulina has been and is currently being used to cure victims of arsenic poisoning with an 82{a11460f0ca4dc57ef19e06bac66e97835aea44e04b09f8cfda24e5fd4631870e} success rate.

-Spirulina’s Immune boosting properties have and are being used in treating and improving Candida by raising your levels of healthy bacteria flora in your guts.

-Spirulina’s Immune boosting properties are also showing improvements with inactivating the  immunodeficiency virus associated with HIV and AIDS.

-Spirulina has been proven to aleviate symptoms of the common allergies such as sneezing, itchy nose and eyes, nasal discharge and congestion.

-Spirulina given in doses of 4.5g per day has been shown to lower high blood pressure and 8g per day to help lower chloresterol.

– Spirulina in higher doses (180mg/kg) greatly protects the brain from effects of free radicals – lowering your chance of stroke.

-Spirulina is SUPER high in protein, with 65-71{a11460f0ca4dc57ef19e06bac66e97835aea44e04b09f8cfda24e5fd4631870e} COMPLETE PROTEIN ( BEEF IS ONLY 22 AND LENTILS ONLY 26{a11460f0ca4dc57ef19e06bac66e97835aea44e04b09f8cfda24e5fd4631870e})

(2Tbsp would replace your protein for 1 meal)

-Spirulina is also jam packed with vital amino acids – needed for recovery and muscle growth


There are many types of spirulina out there so it is important to do your homework before making a purchase. Since spirulina grown in an uncontrolled environment has the potential to become contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins, it is important to choose organic spirulina from a reputable source.

Spirulina comes in capsules, tablets, powders and flakes. The recommended daily dose is typically betweeen three to five grams. You can spread the dose out to twice or three times a day if you like. It is safe to take higher doses, but this is a good place to start.  Remember to increase your intake of spring or filtered water when taking spirulina to help it absorb into your system.



In addition to being your powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals, spirulina is a serious detoxifier. For that reason, it is best to start with a small dose and work your way up. Once you see how your body responds, you can then gradually increase your intake.


Spirulina is a great source of protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that has been used for centuries. Though there are no known side effects associated with spirulina, your body may react to it based on your current state of health, I sure did when I first started…

Let’s take a look at some of those reactions,what they mean, and what you can do to alleviate them.

The most prominent reactions you may experience are:

  • Slight Fever — The high protein content in spirulina increases metabolism, which may elevate body temperature.
  • Dark Green Waste Matter — Spirulina can remove accumulated waste product in your colon, which may cause darker stool. Also, spirulina is high in chlorophyll. This will also turn waste matter green.
  • Excessive  Gas — This may indicate that your digestive system is not functioning properly or you have an extreme build-up of gas.
  • Feelings of Excitement — Your body is converting protein into heat energy, which may cause temporary feelings of restlessness.
  • Breakouts and Itchy Skin — This is caused by colon cleansing process and is only temporary.
  • Sleepiness — This is caused by the detoxification process and may indicate your body is exhausted and needs better rest.

Remember, your body may go through an adjustment period with spirulina, and your best bet to reduce reaction is to dose gradually to see how your body will react. Increase your water intake, reduce your stress levels, eat according to your nutritional type, and get plenty of rest.



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