The Essential Protocol

As things do... my approach to wellness and fitness has evolved. What I once thought to be healthy, I now recognize as potentially harmful, detrimental to my hormonal balance, energy, mood, digestion, muscle recovery, sleep, skin complexion...

It's been about 2 years now since I personally began changing my approach to fitness health and my overall well being.

For 10 years I was taking multiple pills and colourful capsules DAILY to help me "stay lean" and "burn fat" have tons of energy, " build muscle" and recover. I was also in a constant state of comparing my BODY, my outside shell to almost every other woman in fitness, or in life really.

Things began changing when I began practicing more yoga, celebrating how my body felt and what it could DO rather than how it looked. I began meditating more and setting focused time for gratitude and journaling, reminding myself to slow down, reconnect to earth, and my purpose, as well as recognizing even the small often unappreciated moments in life.

I immediately removed all synthetic dyes and colours and with that, all sports supplements were gone. I replaced these with DoTERRA's LLV vitamin pack and a few specific essential oils.

In this time I had already removed animal products ( meat and dairy) completely and began filling my body with more dark leafy greens, beans, lentils, fruits, nuts and some grains.

This has been my life as of the last 2 years and knowing how it has made Me feel, I know this is available to everyone.

INSERT The Essential Protocol....


Who is The Essential Protocol created for??

Great Question.

The Essential Protocol was created by Kyla Gagnon, an ISSA Certified Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, DoTERRA Advocate and Wellness Provider and Blissology Yoga Teacher in the summer of 2019 based on the exact ways in which she herself lives her day to day life.

The Essential Protocol is designed for the Man or Woman who wants to take control of their physical, mental and emotional health. For the ones who crave a more holistic approach to wellness over a BigPharma approach. For those who are interested in and looking to remove toxins and synthetics from their lives. For those who believe in the need to slow down and breathe deeper but maybe don’t quite know how. For those who don’t want to spend hours a week in a gym, but don’t mind 45 min a day 3-5 times a week. For those who are open to holistic science backed supplementation in place of high volume marketed synthetic dye filled energy pills and fat burners. For those who need a bit of accountability and guidance with their nutrition and training.

The Essential Protocol begins with a base of whole food plant based synthetic and filler free vitamins. The LifeLong Vitality trio pack, also known as LLV is where will begin, and with the program you get 2 months supply included WITH a yearly membership to DoTERRA .

An additional suggestion if you are dealing with any digestive issues, bloating, gas, indigestion etc would be the DIGESTIVE ENZYME, Terrazyme ( there will be an extra charge of $40 CDN)

You will receive an intake questionnaire from ME, included in this will be some dietary questions and from your answers, we will co create a realistic nutrition approach to support YOUR goals.

The Essential Protocol follows a whole food nutritional program, removing inflammatory foods, an incorporating more high nutrient rich foods to support a pH balance and homeostasis in the body.

The Essential Protocol includes a combination of mental health practices including gratitude practices that I invite you to share with me for accountability, guidance on meditation practices as well as your physical health with gym sessions ( or Home sessions based on each individual).

*The ONLINE option includes a personalized 10 week training program based on YOUR personal goals.

*The IN PERSON option includes 12 Personal Training sessions catered also directly to YOUR personal goals.

As a BONUS for The Essential Protocol clients I will be including some follow along yoga practices for all levels. ( You can find these through a private link to my YouTube page )


Another GREAT question

The cost for online, including your DoTERRA account and 2 months supply of your LIFE LONG VITALITY Fundamental Vitamins 

$499 ( Regular Cost $679)

The cost for in person , including your DoTERRA account and 2 months supply of your LIFE LONG VITALITY fundamental Vitamins

$899 (Regular Cost $1075)

I'm sure you have questions, please connect via email with any questions or inquiries.

This is a program designed for YOU if you are truly ready to make some changes of life, and take steps towards a healthier fuller life.

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