Trish walker Testimonial


The past 12 weeks have been a journey that is hard to put into words…but I’ll try!
My whole life I have struggled internally and externally. Internally with my mind always finding the negative, always looking for the easy way out, focussing on the number on the scale. Externally hating my body, always finding the bits i hate about my body, never recognizing the good things about myself. I was bullied terrible at school, kids teasing me, setting me up to fail, and it got into my head. I believed that I would forever be the “fat girl” that no matter what I did I would never be “skinny” that I would forever suffer in silence.
Fast forward life and now I’m raising 2 kids who I refuse to treated like I was, especially my daughter. I want her to exude confidence. To be strong in her mind and body. To love herself completely. So how can I teach her that when I’m not setting that example for her.
During the last 12 weeks I have come to realize that I am setting the example for her.
I have learned through the help of Kyla and the other Challange participants the power of healthy body, healthy mind. I no longer see what I don’t like about my body I now see what I love about my body. I have confidence that I’ve never had before and have learned to absolutely love lifting weights, sweating buckets during a cardio session, feeling strong and healthy. I 100% accept that I will never be “skinny” but I don’t care. I don’t care what the number on the scale is, I care about how I feel. The number is a totally mind f*%# and I’ve never felt so free to let it go.
Thank you Kyla for all you do, sometimes without you even know your doing it. You showing me how you can be strong, healthy, loving, and proud really turned my life around. I’m forever grateful to you and these past 12 weeks.
12 weeks. 21 inches lost. A new and improved me!!!!!!

as I finish this testimonial I am beginning another journey with Kyla, towards another big fitness goal of mine … my after pictures will have to wait :)))

❤?❤ Trish

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