Transformation Challenge Testimonial

January 12 2015. The start of the Transformation Challenge. While we had both been going to the gym for a number of years we hadn’t ever focused on the food. The ‘challenge’ terrified me – not the working out but the meal planning. As I do, I stressed out the food for the first week of January. Then we started to prep – and prep we did. Prep including texting Kyla every 10 mins asking whether something was ok to eat. Our texting didn’t stop … Kyla was there for us the entire 10 weeks – answering random food questions on a daily basis. While the challenge has been over for 9 months now we are still (for the most part) eating well – and we thank Kyla for this who to this day continues to answer our food questions and who taught us that eating healthy is a lifestyle!

The end of the challenge saw a decrease of 9%body fat by Nav and 5% for me. We are Thrilled!

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