S. Black Testimonial

After months of stale gym sessions and no real direction in my diet and an event coming up I decided to contact Kyla. Having followed her on social media I knew she could provide me exactly what I was after. She gave me a meal plan and work out schedule for one month,I decided to give it my absolute. After a couple wks I could see noticeable changes! The workouts challenge me and push me outside my comfort zone! The meal plan is amazing I love everything about it i am not even maybe hungry ever through out the day and I do not feel ‘deprived’ at all. Now In my second month, I’m excited to see the changes. The workouts once again challenge me but It makes it exciting to get after it. Im so confident Kyla has and will provide me the tools to achieve my goals, she is so great I would absolutley recommend her to anyone!!

– S. Black

Kyla's 4 Favorite HIIT workouts AND Recipes ( FOR FREE)