Dr.Anita Onofre


Why did I sign up with Kyla Gagnon? I am one who doesn’t trust easy an specially online training after that I have heard the most horrible stuff with personal trainers… but with the AMAZING Kyla was different very different!!
Yes one day I said To myself I am not liking what I’m seeing in mirror and is going to change and is going to change for the better of me! I have a very busy life and perhaps I don’t have enough motivation to workout sometimes and is why I consider to be with someone who was enough caring to listen what my goals are and that was Kyla, she is devoted supportive an amazing being who dedicates herself to serve and inspiring others to become the best selves and help to reach your goals… I am beyond grateful to have had Kyla to help to get where I want to be and continuing support on this journey… and to love your body… you are MAGNIFICENT Kyla … thank thank you thank you ? love you!

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