C Hutchinson testimonial

I met Kyla over a decade ago and have trained off and on with her since, both in person and online. I have always loved being her client, she gives you 100% when you are with her and in turn you push yourself to try do the same (the bar pretty high!). She has inlfuenced not only the way I look but also the way I feel about ME. The changes she helps you achieve go well beyond the physical trasnformations, they also have a strong halo effect impacting your confidence, self worth, and energy. These effects in turn influence other aspects of your life as you are more productive and happy when you take the time to take care of you and focus on your health from the inside out. Kyla works with you to acheive just that- the name Insideout Fitness could not be more appropriate! Thanks for being a part of my journey Ky and I hope I can continue to a part of yours.

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