Success Stories

Nicole Testimonial

Kyla is a beautiful being inside and out!! She is supportive, fun, helpful and so knowledgeable. If I was unsure about a specific exercise or needed help with anything, Kyla was immediately available and more than helpful. I signed up for the fall 10 week transformation challenge as an online client, and at first I wondered if I would end up in the same place I always do (doing boring workouts and barely progressing). Within 2 weeks I noticed changes in my body, the way my clothes fit and most importantly, my inner health! I was hooked, addicted, and in love with my new lifestyle. Thanks to Kyla and her creative workouts and meal plan I am a new person with a new outlook on life and I am learning dailyv how to continue to love myself from the inside

- Nicole, mom of a 1 year old


Lexie Biegun Testimonial

“Kyla became my trainer when I had my first baby and needed to get back in shape for my wedding. She helped me come up with an eating plan and exercise schedule that worked with my busy life as both a mom and business owner. After the birth of my second son, I again needed to lose some extra lbs. In under 6 months, I was not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but looking and feeling the BEST i have ever felt in my life. Kyla’s confidence in what she is training you, and her calm, easy-going personality made my workouts both fun and rewarding!”

– Lexie Biegun

S. Black Testimonial

After months of stale gym sessions and no real direction in my diet and an event coming up I decided to contact Kyla. Having followed her on social media I knew she could provide me exactly what I was after. She gave me a meal plan and work out schedule for one month,I decided to give it my absolute. After a couple wks I could see noticeable changes! The workouts challenge me and push me outside my comfort zone! The meal plan is amazing I love everything about it i am not even maybe hungry ever through out the day and I do not feel ‘deprived’ at all. Now In my second month, I’m excited to see the changes. The workouts once again challenge me but It makes it exciting to get after it. Im so confident Kyla has and will provide me the tools to achieve my goals, she is so great I would absolutley recommend her to anyone!!

– S. Black

Vanessa G Testimonial

There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Kyla. She is the most genuine, supportive, personable individual on the planet! Her knowledge, expertise and passion is what helps me achieve my short and long term fitness goals - from photoshoots to fitness competitions. Whatever your fitness goals are, Kyla is your gal!
Vanessa G, Vancouver

Transformation Challenge Testimonial

January 12 2015. The start of the Transformation Challenge. While we had both been going to the gym for a number of years we hadn't ever focused on the food. The 'challenge' terrified me - not the working out but the meal planning. As I do, I stressed out the food for the first week of January. Then we started to prep - and prep we did. Prep including texting Kyla every 10 mins asking whether something was ok to eat. Our texting didn't stop ... Kyla was there for us the entire 10 weeks - answering random food questions on a daily basis. While the challenge has been over for 9 months now we are still (for the most part) eating well - and we thank Kyla for this who to this day continues to answer our food questions and who taught us that eating healthy is a lifestyle!

The end of the challenge saw a decrease of 9%body fat by Nav and 5% for me. We are Thrilled!


Kristal & Casey Jenks Testimonial

“When I first started boot camp I was a little hesitant so I convinced my husband to come for moral support. Two years later, we’re both still going and don’t think we could ever stop. Kyla is a big part of this commitment as she not only encourages us, she makes us want to improve ourselves. Her positive outlook on life and fitness is contagious.”

– Kristal & Casey Jenks

Sandy Mc Testimonial

“A few months after turning 50 I weighed myself. I knew it wouldn’t be good. Turns out I weighed over 300lbs. So I had a serious, talk with myself. I decided that I either had to accept that this was me or do something about it. That’s when I met Kyla Gagnon. As I write this in October 2011, she has helped me lose over 120lbs! She believed in me and in turn, I learned to believe in myself. I can’t thank Kyla enough for everything she’s done to help me change my life and can’t wait to see where we’ll be this time next year.”

– Sandy Mc.

Charles Frank Testimonial

Kyla combines the very best qualities in a trainer. She listens well to your goals, and will tailor a program to help you reach the goals. She will combine her knowledge of the best workouts with an optional meal plan. She was able to customize my program to my body type, age, and progressively changing fitness levels. The workout schedule is dynamic, it changes, and she will definitely keep your body guessing as it tries to adjust – Kyla helped me stay two steps in front of a plateau. Kyla will bring a knowledgeable, exciting, and energetic spirit to your work outs. She is firm and fair in her expectations for your fitness, and she communicates clearly. Kyla augments her professional persona with a friendly, pragmatic and down to earth personality. Simply put, I enjoyed my workouts – Kyla is great trainer, and is good company besides. Most importantly, results speak for themselves. I was able to change my body and health in a short amount of time, and I am very pleased with the results. If you expect the best of yourself, you will get the best from her, guaranteed.

- Charles Frank

Stacy Scheunhage Testimonial

“Through Kyla, I received Motivation and a wealth of information on food and nutrition which goes hand in hand with training, which I am still carrying though in my day to day. Maintaining my weight has been easy but without that kick in the butt I wouldn’t have had this new desire to “really” understand what I am eating, and more importantly when I’m eating. Kyla retained my attitude while I retained my body and in a short time had me looking and feeling my best! ”
– Stacy Scheunhage

Treena Schmidt Testimonial

“Kyla is a breath of fresh air. Her spirit and personality transcend everything she does. She has changed everything about the way I look at exercise, the way I look at food, the way I perceive myself and most importantly how to love myself from the inside out. You simply just have to meet her and allow her to be a part of your life. She will be in my life forever and has truly become a part of my family. I suggest you make her a part of yours. You won’t regret it!”
– Treena Schmidt

Alexandra Jean Testimonial

“Knowledgeable, supportive and fun are three words that describe Kyla’s training style. She works hard to keep her sessions light hearted and at the same time providing a kick-ass workout for her clients. Whether you’re wanting to supplement your own work-outs by adding sessions, or if you’re just deciding to get into shape, Kyla can help you achieve any goal in a reasonable amount of time. I really recommend turning to Kyla for your personal training needs!”
– Alexandra Jean

Margot Cooper Testimonial

“When I began with Kyla I was expecting her only to help me workout. As it turns out, she has given me much more. With her meal plans and workouts, Kyla embodies her company name: “Inside out Fitness”. With her constant encouragement and understanding, Kyla has given me a renewed sense of self-worth and provided me with the motivation to achieve personal goals and to constantly better myself. Plus, in only 3 months, I have already lost 30lbs and 21 inches! I would never hesitate to give Kyla my highest recommendation.”

– Margot Cooper

Trish walker Testimonial

The past 12 weeks have been a journey that is hard to put into words...but I'll try!
My whole life I have struggled internally and externally. Internally with my mind always finding the negative, always looking for the easy way out, focussing on the number on the scale. Externally hating my body, always finding the bits i hate about my body, never recognizing the good things about myself. I was bullied terrible at school, kids teasing me, setting me up to fail, and it got into my head. I believed that I would forever be the "fat girl" that no matter what I did I would never be "skinny" that I would forever suffer in silence.
Fast forward life and now I'm raising 2 kids who I refuse to treated like I was, especially my daughter. I want her to exude confidence. To be strong in her mind and body. To love herself completely. So how can I teach her that when I'm not setting that example for her.
During the last 12 weeks I have come to realize that I am setting the example for her.
I have learned through the help of Kyla and the other Challange participants the power of healthy body, healthy mind. I no longer see what I don't like about my body I now see what I love about my body. I have confidence that I've never had before and have learned to absolutely love lifting weights, sweating buckets during a cardio session, feeling strong and healthy. I 100% accept that I will never be "skinny" but I don't care. I don't care what the number on the scale is, I care about how I feel. The number is a totally mind f*%# and I've never felt so free to let it go.
Thank you Kyla for all you do, sometimes without you even know your doing it. You showing me how you can be strong, healthy, loving, and proud really turned my life around. I'm forever grateful to you and these past 12 weeks.
12 weeks. 21 inches lost. A new and improved me!!!!!!

as I finish this testimonial I am beginning another journey with Kyla, towards another big fitness goal of mine ... my after pictures will have to wait :)))

❤?❤ Trish

Lisa F Testimonial

When I started working out with kyla I was really frustrated. My metabolism had really slowed down and I could no longer eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And I wasn't seeing any results from exercise that had worked for me earlier in my 20s.

Kyla, you have completely changed the way I look at food. Prior to the program, my diet was way too high in fat and carbs, and many meals I was fully leaving out protein (eek!). You helped me to see that eating is the way to fuel my body for the day and completely changed my mindset when it comes to food. I am mindful of portion size; my meals have the right proportions of protein, fat and carbs; I am meal prepping every week; and overnight oats and protein pancakes have become staples!

As for results, I have gone from a size 10 down to a 6/8 and I've had to buy a whole new work wardrobe. Friends and family have been commenting about how different I look, and my wedding dress ended up being loose on me when I got married earlier this summer.

Thank you so much for providing me with the tools, motivation, and support to help me change my life (and my body) for the better. You've made a huge impact for me, and I am totally grateful.

THANK YOU!!! xo ?? Lisa F

Dr. Anita Onofre

Why did I sign up with Kyla Gagnon? I am one who doesn't trust easy an specially online training after that I have heard the most horrible stuff with personal trainers... but with the AMAZING Kyla was different very different!!
Yes one day I said To myself I am not liking what I'm seeing in mirror and is going to change and is going to change for the better of me! I have a very busy life and perhaps I don't have enough motivation to workout sometimes and is why I consider to be with someone who was enough caring to listen what my goals are and that was Kyla, she is devoted supportive an amazing being who dedicates herself to serve and inspiring others to become the best selves and help to reach your goals... I am beyond grateful to have had Kyla to help to get where I want to be and continuing support on this journey... and to love your body... you are MAGNIFICENT Kyla ... thank thank you thank you ? love you!

Dannielle szakal Testimonial


About a year ago (maybe a bit more?) I met this beautiful soul named Kyla Gagnon and started training with her. I’d never had a personal trainer before so my expectations were a lot of yelling and lots of burpees to be honest. We still do burpees at her boot camps but Kyla has never yelled. Her style of training is inspiring, motivating and unbelievably life changing. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the fitness world and is happy to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. She takes such care of every single one of her clients and makes sure you’ve got what you need to make your goals a reality.

For the last 12 weeks I’ve been privileged to afford this amazing opportunity with Kyla to compete in a fitness challenge. Complete with a new workout regime every 4 weeks and a food guide, I have never felt more prepared to crush some long-standing fitness goals. The best part of this whole period of my life is that I discovered halfway through it that this challenge was more than just inches lost for me. Kyla not only pushed me past my previous goals but she continues to motivate me to strive for bigger and better goals. I never in a million years would have believed that after all the failures I’ve experienced through my weight loss journey that I’d be sitting here eager to get started on another challenge having just lost over 21 inches off my body!!

This is just the beginning for my fitness life and I could not have done it without the love and support that Kyla has given me every step of the way. I would highly recommend this kind of opportunity to anyone ready to put their excuses behind them and crush some serious fitness goals!

Samantha Murray Testimonial


My experience over the past 12 weeks has been everything I hoped for and more. I have struggled with my weight the majority of my life. I've tried to lose weight and get healthy for as long as I can remember. In the past, it has always turned out the same: start eating healthy and exercising and eventually I eat something unhealthy, then I binge, and then I completely fall off the wagon. When I saw your 12 week Summer Fit Challenge, I decided I needed to sign up to give me a swift kick in the butt and help me get on the right path again. Signing up is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The workouts each week were killer and the support and connections formed within the group were amazing. Having a weekly challenge also made it super fun! From doing this 12 week challenge, it has given me the motivation and strength to keep going no matter what happens. If I fall down I know I can get back up and keep going. I feel for the first time in my life I can actually make the healthy changes I want, lose weight, and be successful! A HUGE thank you to everyone who did the challenge, and to you Kyla for making me feel that I am capable of changing my life to how I want it.


C Hutchinson testimonial

I met Kyla over a decade ago and have trained off and on with her since, both in person and online. I have always loved being her client, she gives you 100% when you are with her and in turn you push yourself to try do the same (the bar pretty high!). She has inlfuenced not only the way I look but also the way I feel about ME. The changes she helps you achieve go well beyond the physical trasnformations, they also have a strong halo effect impacting your confidence, self worth, and energy. These effects in turn influence other aspects of your life as you are more productive and happy when you take the time to take care of you and focus on your health from the inside out. Kyla works with you to acheive just that- the name Insideout Fitness could not be more appropriate! Thanks for being a part of my journey Ky and I hope I can continue to a part of yours.

Jori Pollock Testimonial

<p style="text-align: left;">I was going through a hard time in my life and felt like I had hit rock bottom. I knew I needed to push myself and get control of my happiness again.
Kyla believed in me and took me on as her client without a second thought when I told her I wanted to compete in my 1st fitness competition.
Her knowledge was outstanding and I never doubted her for a second. She not only helped me lose 40lbs, got me stage ready, gave me so much confidence, she helped me break mental barriers that I didn't know I could. I am privileged to have this amazing woman in my life and I highly recommend her to help you with your nutrition and fitness goals! In my opinion she is the best! She has fantastic communication skills, years of experience and truly loves what she does. Kyla's love of fitness and health is contagious. She definitely makes my world a better place and I am forever grateful to her for the happiness she has brought to my life.</p>

There aren’t enough words to describe what Kyla helped me get through.

There aren't enough words to describe what Kyla helped me get through.
I was really struggling and just not motivated to get to the gym. When I saw her 12-week fitness challenge on social media, I reached out to her and she was super easy to talk to,she made me feel excited about this new opportunity I was about to start.

Kyla is thoughtful, understanding, caring, and most of all non-judgmental. Anytime I had questions or I felt like I needed some extra motivation, Kyla was there.
I could not be happier with my results and how much better I feel about my self.

Thank you, Kyla, you're truly an amazing person and I am truly lucky to call you my friend.