Sorry I can’t come I’ve got an appointment with my Counsellor

I was having a really cool conversation with a client the other day about mental health happiness community and communication.

The topic of Counsellor’s and therapists came up and it sparked a thought in me….

And so I’d like to talk about it .

Do you find it embarrassing or feel a negative emotion when you talk about seeing your personal trainer? Your yoga teacher your meditation guru your naturopath or your doctor??? What about your chiropractor or massage therapist? Acupuncturist ? Do any of those spark a sense of embarrassment?

No right ?

So what is it about meeting with a Counsellor or therapist that seems to embarrass some people ?

What is the difference between working on our physical health and working on our mental health ? Where does one become celebrated and one becomes something to hide?

I have a Counsellor whom I love , I don’t see her as often as I’d like or even as often as I would suggest people sit down with their therapist, but I have her on my team. I also see a hypno therapist and a handful of energy workers whom I connect with when I feel I grounded and a bit lost.

I once suggested to a friend that they may want to consider reaching out to a Counsellor to run their thoughts by regarding a troubled personal life and it was taken with mass offence.

People seem to assume seeing a Counsellor equates to being broken or having something wrong with them… that they are less than, or flawed .

Guess what?!

We are all flawed , and we are all working through stuff…

literally everyday.

We only have so many tools in our own personal tool box and we can only work with what we KNOW.

We are creatures of habit naturally and we will act according to our thoughts . Our thoughts most often have played a giant role in getting us TO the place of struggle or stress so holding space for someone to give us some new thoughts, new views, new approaches is just adding to our tool box.

In my opinion those who seek support through a Counsellor or therapist are ten steps ahead in personal growth and development than those who run from the idea.

These are the people who want better for themselves and those in their lives. These are people who have the best sense of self through the practice of self reflection. These are the people learning to be honest with themselves so that they can be honest with their community. These are people who in turn grow their tool box so that they can better serve themselves and others.

When we have fitness goals we turn to trainers, when we need our spastic back to chill out we seek our chiropractor or acupuncturist. When we are sick we seek medical help. When we want to learn how to quiet our mind we seek a meditation guide….. and never do we feel insecure or embarrassed about that.

Your mental health my dear is JUST AS , IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT than your physical health.

I mean they go hand in hand but often giving more attention and support to your physical body, and it’s time to honour the need and power of working your mental health .

Ask for help in areas in which you aren’t proficient in….. seek other ideas, views, approaches and words of wisdom.

And on that note, I’ve got a Counsellor appointment to make 🙂

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