We were in our closing circle of light in a Blissology yoga class this week,

If you don’t know what I am talking about let me explain.


Eoin Finn, creator of Blissology yoga, and one of my favourite humans on earth finishes his classes with savasana and then the circle of light.

Everyone huddles in close, eyes closed, remaining in a still mind space, sharing the stillness and energy with the rest of the class. Eoin offers some beautiful words of inspiration for us and often you’ll find a hand or two resting on your back, your arm or your knee, from a neighbouring yogi offering love support and oneness.




These words. Hit me. Right in the Heart…..

We hold on to so much, we stay connected to people and jobs that we should disconnect from. We take on pain points of others and carry them as our own, we over think, over analyze, over  dramatize and create stress that is completely unnecessary.

I’ve said it before but it needs to be said again…

LIFE is HARD, all on it’s own, and yet for some reason we volunteer more hard into our lives.

What we SHOULD be doing is removing any and all of the added HARD, and focus solely on the LIGHT, FUN, EASY, UPLIFTING, LOVE FILLED.

Life will give you hard all on it’s own…

Remove… Release… what you brought in that’s adding to this weight, and allow yourself the space to welcome what blesses you.

Release the phone from your hand 10 inches from your face to allow the sight of the  sky and trees to bless you.

Release the toxic relationship that leaves you feeling small and unimportant to allow the blessing of the person who dreams of loving you whole heartedly in.

Release the fear of taking the first step towards your goals to allow the universe to bless you with opportunities.


I want to offer you the strength courage and self belief to release what no longer serves you…. and more than anything know that I am blessing you.




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