RECOVERY…. how the heck do I speed it up?

If you are active, you work out, you dance, you hike, you work a physical job…you’ve felt the soreness… You know what I mean when I say DOMS.

Or do you?


Basically what has happened is you’ve challenged your muscles to the point of fatigue and (hopefully) tearing. I know it sounds icky, but we actually do tear our muscles slightly when we train them hard. That’s how they grow. They tear ever so slightly, we rest and feed ourselves and over the course of the next few days they repair recover and GROW!

The initial shock of the workout takes a day or so to set in… and then you feel it:)

So how do we speed the rate of recovery up??

A few suggestions:

Find a high quality BCAA , branched chain amino acid ( the building blocks of protein..ie muscle ) I use Magnum Nutraceutical Hi5, found online or at your local supplement store. Drink your BCAA post workout and or throughout the day.

Glutamine, I use glutamine powder in a short glass with warm water and lemon quickly post workout and before bed

Check your vitamin stock and make sure you are getting the following:

Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Niacin, Zinc, Selenium, Boron and Magnesium

Water water and more water. I suggest my clients aim for 3 litres as a base level

SLEEP, aim for 7-8 hours a night, not only will you muscles recover faster but your mental state will benefit as well:)

EAT, really do make sure to feed yourself properly to give the muscles something to use for its recovery.

Take rest days, DO IT. You are not lazy you are recovering. Days OFF are JUST as, if not sometimes more important that the days we spend in the gym.

Our body is a machine and can only take so much before it breaks down. Have you ever had a torn muscle or tweaky joint that came out of nowhere?? Hmmmmm perhaps you were due for a rest day?

Perhaps you can book in for a massage, or ask your special person or BFF to give your sore muscles some attention, have an Epsom salt bath. Or even better buy yourself some DEAD SEA SALTS ( you need WAYYYYY less of them than epsom for the same benefits. 2-3 C of Epsom is the same as 2 Tbsp dead sea.)

I am also a HUGE fan of the DEEP BLUE muscle easing oil or lotion created by Doterra ( I can help you with this purchase if it is something you are interested in) I’ll do another blog on this product in itself

Bottom line, treat your body with kindness and compassion. You are amazing, you are busting your butt on your goals, make sure you are taking care of the behind the scenes part of this. (all listed above)

We get one body to cruise through life in, one special capable body. Push it when you can, and rest it when you should.

Here’s to your goals!!

Kyla xo


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