My Favorite Things

Let’s pretend I’m Oprah just for a moment….

I have some favorite things I want to share with you. Now I’m NOT Oprah, so I can’t actually afford to GIVE you them all, but I can offer you some discount codes on a few of them, but sharing is caring, and even if all I a doing is introducing something new to you, then that’s super cool too.

Okay, off the top of my head, and because I am currently drinking this as we type, let’s talk about BLUME.
I went back and forth on which elixir was best for me in my moment is illness (yesssss I got hit with something nasty ...)

My inner battle was between the Cacao Turmeric or the brand new Blue Lavender ..... I chose Cacao Turmeric


Organic Tumerick. Organic cacao. Organic cinnamon. Organic ginger. Organic Nutmeg. Organic Ashwaganda. Organic black pepper

OMG you are missing out if you have not tried this yet.

I warm up 1 C of almond, cashew or coconut milk, and whisk in 1 tsp, maybe more of my BLUME elixir.... and Drink up
I snagged you a 20% off discount if you shop with code : BLUMEKYLA

2. Up next is my most frequently worn pants…. BUMBUMBACANA, Honeycomb leggings
These puppies not only look super cute on EVERY WOMAN, but they stay up and in place while training. BOOM how do you go wrong.
Shop with code KYLAFIT for 15% off your order ( whole store not just the honeycomb leggings)

3. More clothing ?? SUREEEE

Pineapple Clothing. If I'm not in Bumbumbacana I'm in Pineapple 🙂

You also get a discount using KylGag

(Awful I know hahahah )

Quality is awesome

Comfort on point

Fun vibrant styles . Just love them

4.MUSIC. This is a fun one, as I love love love  music. I wish music could be playing everywhere at all times, like the movies. I have playlists for all my activities, but you don’t need ALL of them so I’ll give you my yoga playlist favs and my lifting favs.
Hope you love them.


For Now I am Winter by Olafur Arnalds

Lost in Space by Emmit Fenn

Promise by Ben Howard

Ong So Hung by Crown of Eternity

Abandon Windows by Jon Hopkins


Humble by Kendrick Lamar

Floating by ScHoolboy Q

Cowboys from Hell by Pantera

Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

Hells Bells by AC/DC

Happy dancing….. I mean lifting, or bending…

5. Sleep is my favoritest of all favorites.
Getting QUALITY sleep is actually more important than getting MORE sleep. The sleep we get in the night hours are much more beneficial to us than the morning hours. ( this means we need to get UP when our alarm goes off as opposed to hitting snooze , sorry:)
If having a hard time falling asleep is your thing, I want to suggest an App for meditation.
The app is called CALM, and it’s so much more than guided meditation.
CALM offers you adult sleep stories, sleep focused meditations, guided and unguided meditations, sleep music ( my personal fav)
I am not affiliated with the company but I feel very strongly about it, and really hope you take my suggestion:) I also highly suggest paying for the full access version as opposed to the free version.
Sweet dreams and happy meditation

6. TREATS...Im a girl, I love treats, so finding a treat that doesn’t leave you feeling yucky in your tummy and guilty in your mind is a win win. INSERT SO DELICIOUS , Cashew based Ice Cream SALTED CARAMEL CHUNK .
Now this isn’t a low calorie treat, but the ingredients are wonderful and non inflammatory. This is the best tasting dairy free ice cream you will ever try...and try again and again.

7. Training Tools for the win. I love to travel and I love to stay active while I do so, so bringing my Resistance bands with me everywhere I go is a must. I have tried them all and the quality winner goes to BFORCE RESISTANCE BANDS.
Now I DO have a discount code for you on these. Shop with a discount code Kyla10 At

8. I love pretty things, and I love creation, and art and supporting small business. I love etsy and I love crystals and soooooo I found this ceramic artist who makes the most spectacular pieces, ESSARAI CERAMICS. All of his creations include crystals ( not real, but his ceramic versions are stunning). I made my first purchase with a round jewellry box and almost died of joy when it arrived.
You can find this brilliant man on Etsy : Essarai Ceramics and YEAHHHHHH I have a discount code for you  ( KYLAFIT2018 )

9. Purses anyone ?
MISSY MAY BAGS, is a vegan focused small business including two amazing women who make purses, fanny packs, gym bags, backpacks, yoga mat bags and scarves…. They are ADORABLE. And yes I own many of them lol.
Shop MissyMayBags and use code Kyla15

10. Let's end of the top 10 list with what I actually would place at number one. My DoTerra Essential Oils.

I have been an essential oil user for approximately three years. I personally have used oils for everything from my fitness recovery to sleep, mental health, digestion, sunburn, pain, inflammation,Headaches,Skin hair and nail support,Perfume and all of our home cleaning supplies.

Essential oils are simply traditional plant medicine. I love the fact that we can take our own health into our own hands and take the dependency off of big Pharma.

I have supported people with DoTerra oils with issues streaming from libido, concussion, lice, ear infection, surgery recovery, pregnancy, delivery and postpartum, acne, eczema, psoriasis, warts, sprains, tendinitis , fibromyalgia.... literally everything can be supported with organic plant medicine .

If you have specific questions I would love to talk to you more about this. You can head over to my website to shop directly. If you would like a wholesale membership which will give you 25% off all of your purchases for a year please reach out to me and I will get you set up.

I Sure hope you love these as much as I do.... Please let me know some of YOUR favourite things !!!

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