Motivation…Finding It & Keeping It

“How do you stay motivated to workout and eat healthy all the time?”

I get this question almost daily …. which probably means I should work on my elevator pitch response.

Motivation is a funny word…. I use it but I’m not really sure I like it… I’ve been asked WHO is my biggest motivator or where do I get my motivation from….

“Motivation” HASSSSSS to come from within.
Some would argue you are born with the drive or you aren’t.

I don’t know if I believe that you can “Find” motivation….. If you want something, whatever it is….. a health and fitness goal…. a career goal…. a relationship goal…. a travel goal…. a financial goal…. whatever your goal is, if you WANT it, and I mean REALLY want it, I think you just DO IT.

You either have high work ethic and drive or you don’t.

Nobody WANTS to do the uncomfortable things….. it isn’t FUN…. we’re only “motivated” to do the things that are easy.

Our minds are designed to stop you, at all costs from doing anything that MIGHT hurt you….. which is the scary, unknown, far away reality we want, but don’t have…yet kinda stuff.

Motivation doesn’t exist… we are NEVER going to just decide “Oh hey, I really WANT to do that shitty scary hard thing…” I promise.

Everything in life is a decision.
“Motivation” is simply just a consistent set of CHOICES to do the things that are hard.

Exercise and eating well, in my opinion shouldn’t be hard. Anything that makes you feel BETTER, should never be hard.
Who feels worse after they’ve had a good sweaty workout? Or who feels like crap after they’ve eaten fresh whole food…?

And yet people find THIS hard? It’s because what you’ve created as your norm is the opposite of this. It’s inactivity and crap food… maybe with the odd good choice tossed in.
So yeah, changing these habits may seem scary and in your mind, this is one of those big scary out of reach unknowns that require “motivation” when in reality all it needs is for YOU to start making different CHOICES. CONSISTENTLY .

It may be challenging in the beginning , breaking any habit is hard AF, I get it. Once you have gotten over the hump of change, and your new choices are now your normal choices…. motivation doesn’t seem so needed. You’re doing the things that feel good. The things that you KNOW your body loves, and finds energy through.

I workout and eat well all the time because it FEELS good. I am my BEST SELF when I am active and fuelled properly.
End of story.

When it comes to non fitness stuff… I’m an amazing procrastinator… really I’m quite good.
So I implement some choices. If it’s something that needs to get done, I make sure it gets done. Sooner than later. I make a list, I start checking things off… The sooner they are done, the sooner they are done! And DONE is what we’re going for right?! How freaking good does it feel to check items off a list? Oh mannnnn it’s like the first sip of coffee……

Well it’s a close second, nothing is really as good as the first sip of coffee:)

It feels good to be someone who just gets shit done. The faster you get shit done the more time you have to do WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT.

The more you procrastinate the bigger the lists get, the less time you have and the more stress you develop. All of these things suck.

Just do it, don’t be lazy. You aren’t a bratty 15 year old anymore, you’re a functioning adult who has legit responsibilities and goals….

Make choices to do the things that will bring you closer to what you ACTUALLY want not the things that take you further away .

Motivation is bullshit.

One of the cool things about being a human is the ability to form thoughts and make choices….. don’t waste that.



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