Living with Roommates will benefit your future spouse

But aren’t you supposed to live on your own and find yourself and be independent and shit?

Sure… maybe … but why can’t you be those things while living with people?

Does that mean that as soon as you partner up and cohabitant with another person that you lose your independence, and your sense of self?

I have lived withy best friend for 12 years and her boyfriend for the last 2. I would place money on the fact that I live in the HAPPIEST house in all of Victoria… maybe the world 😉
I mean , it helps that we have two dogs.

I was told by someone somewhat recently that I was stunting my personal growth by living with people, and not on my own. That it was weird that as a grown woman, I chose to live with people rather than find my own space.

I was offended by this, and kind of confused.
I live with two people who challenge me and question me daily on bettering myself in every possible way. We discuss DAILY how our actions effect the world around us, what steps do we each need to take in a single day to live our best life, contribute to the world and grow our goals.
We hold each other accountable, we support one and other and we stand up for one other.

If I were living alone, there’s a very good chance that I wouldn’t be calling myself out on the shit I need to change. I would be running the same stories around in my head over and over during hard times with no other views or ways to look at the situation. I would be sitting, still in my space, with no-one to push me to grind through the hard stuff…the uncomfortable stuff… the stuff that really matter… the stuff that really changes you.

Living with people forces you to carry your own, you can’t leave your shit lying around, you have to learn to think about others sometimes more than you think of yourself. (That by the way is a beautiful thing)
Living with people, in my opinion is a beautiful joy, and I feel incredibly lucky to have my roommates.

I will move out one day… lol We joke about it though… maybe my future husband will just move in, and we will buy the condo next door and blow out the wall… What’s one more person?

I hear people say all the time, Oh I can’t live with people, I need my own space and ability to do whatever the hell I want…. That’s cool and all, but that’s all going to change when you meet your person and have to hold your lives together…

Do what feels good obviously, we are all so different and feel best in varying situations, but what I know to be true to ME is that living with my favourite humans will most definitely benefit my future love.

I promise to not leave my shit everywhere and I’ll always be considerate of your personal space xo

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