Hey Hey Hey!!!


I am currently 8 weeks in to a 12 week ONLINE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE with 16 amazing participants who all had one shared goal…


Some wanted to lose unwanted body fat, some wanted to re-spark their love affair with fitness that was somehow lost along the way. Some wanted to put on weight, some wanted to just see what they were capable of, but the end result was the same…  TO BE BETTER.      

Happier and healthier.


I have been running these challenges in person for over 5 years now but only online for the past year and a half. The results are always so incredible, both in body transformation and lifestyle transformation.
I think I am just as excited as the participants, maybe even more sometimes LOL


I am hosting the 2nd Challenge of 2018 ( ONLINE ) starting JUNE 4th.

I am taking men and women, from around the globe on a 12 week journey and I want YOU!!!

(Well, I only want you if you want it too, of course, this doesn’t work if you don’t want it!!)


Here’s What’s Included:

12 Week Training Program ( executed in 3 phases, adjusting every 4 weeks)

*designed for the gym but can be done from home with a few free weights and resistance bands*

12 Week Nutrition & Supplement Program

Unlimited email / FB support

Private FB support group ( recipe sharing, motivation, questions and answers, live video etc)

Weekly Challenges ( offers you extra entries into the grand prize)

GRAND PRIZE PACK ( over $1000 value from an assortment of amazing companies)


*What is required of you*

Bi weekly progress photos sent in

Regular measurement updates sent in

A positive outlook and some effort


How much?

The cost is $299 Canadian

I require a $50 Canadian deposit to hold your spot.


Shoot me an email with the subject line JUNE CHALLENGE and we will get you registered!!!!

– Carrie 2 month progress

-Sam 12 week progress

-Kristal 12 week progress


Xo Can’t wait to work with you

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