Is Your Training Program Creating the Body You Want?

I’ve found myself having the same conversation with not only MYSELF but numerous girlfriends and a few new clients over the past few months…What do you do when you realize that the style of training you really enjoy is in fact NOT supportive of your ideal physique? After my last competition, I had decided I wanted to fill out and build some noticeable muscle. A wonderful plan and goal I thought. So in order to gain muscle one must eat more and lift heavier, plain and simple. What happens when you implement this new process is that you gain weight, some muscle and then a little bit of fat to support the muscle. ( typically for every pound of lean mass you build you are welcoming 0.4 pounds of fat) This new found muscle looks fabulous when you have leaned down and are displaying it without the added fluff, but for the majority of the year you are walking around bigger than you are used to, not fitting the clothes you wore last year when you were an inch smaller around your lats and hips…It doesn’t feel good. In fact its pretty shitty. Now not everyone will feel that same way, but for myself, I am used to my body being pretty stable in size and shape all year. My wardrobe has been purchased to fit that body, and my confidence and comfort in myself has come to know this version of myself. So I had to really think about what I wanted more. Bigger muscles so that IF i ever competed again I would be bringing a fuller package, or a body I felt comfortable in everyday….. I am no longer lifting and eating to build size, and I am so happy.   Another common conflict I am finding with some of my girlfriends ( and I feel like I might get flack for it, but its just reality and there’s no hate on my end) Crossfit…. Crossfire makes you strong as hell, YES. BUT does it give you the tight toned little body a lot of women are striving for? No it is quite the opposite. You will build your quads and shoulders to an impressive size, this is often not the most feminine and slight feeling. Its rad if you like muscle and feeling strong, but if your goal is to shrink down a bit, stay tight and toned, it’s not the ideal training style for you. My good girlfriend is an avid olympic lifter, she’s not a “cross fitter” but trains at a crossfire box and lifts like they do. She is strong and athletic, and in my opinion has a to die for physique. She however feels too bulky and masculine and wants to be a slightly smaller version of herself. In order for this to be a reality she will have to adjust her training style. That can be really hard for people, and has been for her. Do you continue training the way you love or change it to support a physique you want? Likewise for those looking to shed some pounds doing the bare minimum effort because training is actually HARD…. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. You have to train in a style that creates sweat, creates uncomfort, creates change. It comes down to figuring out what you really want, what you love and what you are willing  to compromise on. You may just have to make some changes to ensure you are reaching your goals. Otherwise we are just hamsters spinning on our wheel..

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