Getting Your Groove Back

New Years resolutions typically by now have started to fade. Harsh truth to start this off on but you GUYS!!!!!! It’s true. We slip up and then immediately give up.

Why? I don’t really know, it’s one of those weird human things we do that fall into the category of stupid and self sabotaging.

Stop doing it.

It’s dumb

You’re not dumb, you’re awesome and so …. just stop 🙂

We all lose our groove sometimes, for a million different reasons, but getting it back doesn’t have to be a far off dream.

If your fitness intentions for 2018 have fallen short already and you want them back in full force but feel overwhelmed…. here’s some good news

1. You’re not alone .

Reach out to others. There are so many FB groups created for support in fitness … loss of challenges to join (lots for free ) or take the plunge and join a group class, even once a week .

2. Something is better than nothing.

You don’t have to smash weights 7 days a week to hit your goals. Well I guess this is all dependant on your particular goals but I’d like to think you’re ok NOT smashing weights 7 days a week.

If you get to the gym 3 times this week and that’s once twice or three times more than last….. you’re laughin. That’s fantastic start there. Add a bit each week if you can

3. One thing at a time is fine.

Gotta change the food, have to work out everyday, I can’t have treats …. the dreaded list goes on and on doesn’t it ….

Re word and build structure .

This week your only task is to practice implementing some whole food choices full of powerful nutrients as opposed to a quick grab pre packaged or take out dish.

“I am blessed to fuel my body with whole nutritious foods”

Start with 3 days of exercise each week for 3-4 weeks. Whatever gets you moving… Bootcamp yoga swimming spin whatever you want….. add as you can

“I have a body that moves, I am grateful for this, for one day it could be taken away from me ”

Play with healthy options to take over the typical treats you would gravitate towards.

Instead of ice cream try Banana ice cream… instead of chocolate cake or mousse try avocado cacao mousse… Pinterest is your best friend !

“I get the same satisfaction from the whole food treats and my body responds without inflammation . My body loves the food I feed it ”

Now eat the damn cake on your birthday or on your children’s birthday…. just not everyday ;))

This is a lifestyle. Nothing happens fast. But it will last forever if you allow it.

Take your time

Speak kindly to yourself, you are only human and you are doing amazing

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