Do You HIIT it??

Do you find yourself the following the crowds to the treadmill for hours upon hours of cardio each week in hopes to drop some fat?

Do you also find yourself super frustrated week after week with lack luster results?

Thought so!!

Well here’s the good news, You can STOP!!

The truth is the harder you can work in a shorter amount of time, the more calories you burn DURING, the more calories you burn AFTER and for LONGER.

Bottom line,…the more FAT you lose.

HIIT training or Short Burst Training sessions create rapid fire type action with your metabolism and fat burning fires, ALL THE WHILE maintaining muscular growth.


We live in a world of acronyms.



Today I want to dissect H.I.I.T for you.

If you do not already know, H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training.


A HIIT workout consists of shorter bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a short scheduled rest, rather than longer conventional training.


Not only are you burning more calories DURING your HIIT training versus slow steady state training, but you continue to burn more AFTER your training is over.


To understand the benefits of HIIT training we need to understand a few things and ask why?


Basically your body is expending so much energy working to recover from your bad ass workout, in effect spiking your metabolism, and creating a calorie burn. Calorie burn is what we are seeking obviously although topic requires much deeper analysis which I will discuss in another article.


The process is referred to as EPOC ( yes… another acronym).


EPOC stands for Excess Post(exercise) Oxygen Consumption, representing an increased amount of oxygen intake after your training, to replace the deficit from your training. What this means for you is that your aerobic AND anaerobic system are working in 100{a11460f0ca4dc57ef19e06bac66e97835aea44e04b09f8cfda24e5fd4631870e} balance, creating an accelerated metabolism.

A strong level of EPOC created during a HIIT workout will elevate the consumption of fuel for the period FOLLOWING the training as well as an increase in fatty acid release into the blood stream.

This means simply you are increasing the fat burning POST training significantly.

To gain a slight understanding on where the energy comes from for your workouts, know that shorter more intense workouts take fuel ( energy ) from glucose. Muscular contraction only takes place when there are high levels of glucose present in the system. Body fat just can not break down fast enough to be available for energy.

Now where fat DOES come into play with HIIT is after the session is over. The EPOC kicks in and the fatty acids are released into the system and burned off as fuel.
BOTTOM LINE, the harder you work, the more EPOC you can create the more FAT you burn off…and keep off.


Research has proven that HIIT training burns fat more than 9 times that of a traditional workout. Increasing your results by a factor of 9 is a powerful incentive to implement a HIIT regime in your training if you ask me.


Scientist have been conducting exhaustive studies which has produced some very important case studies to prove their theories. as such powerful results brings out the skeptic who suggest results as good as these are too good to be true.



Allow me to share some case studies:


A study at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada took participants through a 2 week study to determine the effects of HIIT on fat burning.


The results proved that HIIT dramatically improved the fat and carbohydrate burning process over steady state training.


Another study showed that just 2 weeks of HIIT training improves your endurance strength as much as 8 weeks of regular endurance training.


Now I could bore you to death with the equations and various different components to each study but knowing that information is not going help you. So enough science, let’s just talk.


Steady state cardio burns your hard earned muscle and honestly, more so for women than men, any loss of muscle mass will dramatically change your ability to burn calories in the manner you need to achieve your fat loss goals.

Unless you are a marathon runner, and if you are, you likely aren’t reading an article on HIIT training… You should but you probably aren’t, steady state long (and boring) cardio training sessions are methods which have been repeatedly shown to be outdated.


HIIT training allows you to retain your beautiful muscle mass and focus your weight loss from your fat stores ( which again, we want).


LADIES, listen up. Muscle is not the enemy. You will NOT look bulky. You will not look like a man. The more muscle you have the less fat you can POSSIBLY have. It’s just science, don’t fight it.


ANTI AGING, you’ve used the creams, the lotions the potion, the guru’s the vitamins, you’ve used it all… Don’t lie to me, we’re friends.


HIIT Training increases the natural HGH (human growth hormone) for a period of 24 hours after your workout, and while you sleep. This is the GOD of anti aging and calorie burning. Don’t be alarmed by the notion of HGH in its natural state, you aren’t actually growing overnight in your sleep.


I will be honest, I like training traditional weight lifting style, I always have. In the last 2 years I have learned the benefits of HIIT and have added this style into my training.
This was a defining moment in my physical body and my understanding of how “it all worked”


The magic of HIIT training, especially body weight is that it can be done ANYWHERE. I have taken my HIIT workouts on every vacation or work trip I have gone on in the last 2 years.

I’ve been to Italy, Hawaii 3 times, las Vegas, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Costa Mesa, Toronto even just over to Vancouver, my HIIT training comes with me.



HIIT workouts provide MAXIMUM results, IF you put in MAXIMUM effort. The story with HIIT training is that you are working at a “HIGH INTENSITY” .

There is nothing pretty about HIIT training.

You must take the ego out of the equation and just push out your 110{a11460f0ca4dc57ef19e06bac66e97835aea44e04b09f8cfda24e5fd4631870e}.


HIIT can also be performed with semi traditional weight lifting, to simply add that extra push, extra calorie burn, EPOC and thusly gaining increased results.


If you have been training WITHIN your comfort zone, take this as a challenge, to step outside.

You will thank yourself for it, I promise 🙂


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