Connecting to Your Inner Child

We … and I mean… all of us have been on this highway of adulthood speeding around from one obligation to the next, from one checklist to the next, completely neglecting an entire portion of our existence.


From a young sweet innocent age, a lot of us were simply waiting to grow up, to be “old enough” to move out, to have a car, a job, a life…. It was like we COULDN’T wait to by pass our childhood and just be grown up.

Well….. here we are, ALL GROWN UP. Kinda wishing we could take naps, and hand our bills over to mom and dad, after asking them to make us a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Am I Right?

I have had a handful of really powerful conversations and readings from a variety of healers in the last year and one of the reoccurring themes is the need to re-connect to my inner child. This has also come up with a few of my closest friends in similar situations, whether healers or therapists… the theme remains the same, and we need to pay attention.


I had a friend say something to me while I was in the final stages of a not so healthy relationship that I for some reason just kept holding onto…. She said ” Life is hard … Life will always give us hard…We need to find the light, the fun, the ease, the joy in life…. don’t choose to live hard… let life do that for you”

That has sat with me for over a year now…. I just love it.


So from this, from all of this, the importance of reconnecting to my, and hopefully YOUR inner child sits heavy in my mind.

Two questions… WHY and HOW


Children are innocent. they are born without judgment, born without self criticism, born without fear, born without jealousy,born without racism, they are born WITHOUT all of the weight we as adults have placed upon ourselves.

Children see the world as an unlimited playground of opportunity, they learn to walk by falling down 500 times and not ONCE deciding that it just isn’t for them… they just keep trying. They believe in fairy tales and fantasies, magic and miracles….. because they SHOULD.

Without simply re writing that last two paragraphs describing how adults are exactly the OPPOSITE …. we are, and you know it.

Okay, so HOW…

There are a few ways you can do it…

Try writing a letter to yourself as a child. Tell yourself about life, tell yourself what you love about yourself, what you miss about yourself. Reflect back on some of your favourite tv shows, movies, songs…. and really take the time to enjoy the memories.

You can schedule “play time” in your week. During play time you are NOT allowed to  talk about or do any form of work. Ideally you leave your phone at home or at least turn it on airplane mode.

Mandatory DANCE BREAK at least once a day…. do this with a friend or your love, maybe alone or maybe get the office to join in. Take 5 to let loose and shake it out. We ALL love a good dance party.

Colouring books, kids or adult options available, and to honest I almost prefer the kids options 🙂 Instead of watching TV or scrolling the brain washing social media, instead try zoning out and colouring.

Play a board game, or a card game, or heck… a video game. ( we still have the original NINTENDO in our house…. it’s so rad!)  #MARIOFORPRESIDENT

Bottom line, is we need to be having more fun and a little less stress, a little less “hard” and a little less rules… Let loose, life is SHORT, and meant to be lived and enjoyed…..

Kids are cool, smart as hell and we could learn a few things from them.


Now go have some fun !


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