Be Fit Not Naked

There’s this misconception floating around about what being “FIT” means.

Somewhere along the line we were subconsciously told that “FIT” meant walking around competition ready all the time. That if we didn’t have popped out abs and cuts in our quads that we weren’t “fit”.

Somewhere along the same line women were targeted (also it MUST have been subconsciously) and told that if you were “fit” you were requested to display this with numerous photos of you showing the world your under boob…..I mean your abs.

We were also told that as long as you are showing your “booty gains” in a “fitness” related way that posing in a thong with your ass IN EVERYONES FACE that it’s totally ok… it’s fitness.

To the women who are taking near naked photos of themselves for social media purpose, I can only assume that you are doing so with the intention and hopes of attracting male interest and compliments. Ladies, I can assure you that the men who WILL respond and comment and oogle over your photos are NOT the men that will be loving you and treating you with kindness and respect, so why on earth are you wasting your time and disrespecting yourself?

Do you want to show off your FIT body? Post a video of yourself doing something strong? Or a photo that shows your strength and conditioning AS WELL as your confidence pride and self respect.

Being Fit is not a body fat percentage, it is a way of life.
Being fit is choosing food grown in the grown over food that comes from a package. Being fit is being able to sprint up a flight of stairs just because, or signing up for the newest toughest bootcamp class because you know you can get through it. Being fit is respecting your body to not fill it with the garbage on the weekends because …well it’s the weekend and all my friends are partying.

Being fit is just a by product that comes from living a life of nutritious and valuable foods while moving your body in as many ways as you can as often as you can.

FIT comes in all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, ages and styles.

A Powerlifter, a yogi, a bodybuilder, a track athlete, a cyclist, a runner, a martial artist, a grandmother, a grandfather, a sister, a son… we all look different because we ARE different. My “FIT’ ¬†may not be the same as your fit.

I think it’s great to take motivation and inspiration from the mass of social media account promoting FIT BODIES, as long as you know and are okay with the fact that these bodies are almost always just coming up to or just completed a competition, and that these fit bodies do not ALWAYS look like this.

In order to get your body to the point of these pictures, you are dieting down very strictly while training very intensely to end up with your lowest body fat percentage . You are NOT living this way long term, its simply not healthy or realistic. So take ideas and excitement from the physiques you admire but never, ever ever compare yourself or tell yourself that you are less fit.


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