Avoiding The Holiday Weight Gain

It’s said that statistically 8 lbs of fat is put on during the Christmas / New Year Holiday season.

Thats 8 POUNDS PEOPLE. Thats 28,000 EXTRA calories of crap that we aren’t utilizing for energy output. That’s a SH&T LOAD of bad choices is what that is.

I don’t suggest you avoid the holiday goodies all together but I DO suggest you set yourself up for success and enjoyment rather than enjoyment and set backs.

Here are some of my tips to get through this Holiday season with your abs in check

  1. Pick and chose your events with purpose: You will likely have invites to a million gatherings. Dinners in dinners out. Work parties, friends work parties, spouses work parties, kids parties, school get togethers you name it. You don’t HAVE to go to all of them. There will be plenty of tempting treats at each one and as a human it can be really hard to avoid ALL OF THEM. You are allowed to say no, to anything that doesn’t make you super excited in life. Pick one a week that excites you, and commit fully to this event. Dress up, and allow yourself to enjoy.
  2. Plan your “Treat/Re-feed/Cheat meal” in accordance : To play off of Tip#1 use this event as your designated meal off. Whatever you call it, I like to call them re-feed as opposed to Cheat meals as placing that title can add guilt around it and there should be no guilt in a weekly dose of yumminess. Eat well the rest of the week, keep your training up to norm and feel good about your deserved night off.
  3. Wear the little black Dress ( Or fitted shirt for the gentlemen): People tend to wear lose baggy pieces to holiday functions so that they can stuff themselves full of food and not feel  like a sausage in their clothing. I’ve done it, behest so have you. Instead try wearing something that fits just right,not baggy. This will keep you in check when you hit the hors d’ourves.
  4. Bake Healthy Treats : With the overload of “fitness friendly foods” out there on pinterest and IG you are BOUND to find a recipe for a holiday treat that won’t break your belt. If you are looking for some yummy ideas my girlfriend and Magnum Sister Heidi makes all the good stuff…. Check her out
  5. Egg Nog Snob: It’s the best, I know…. But have you tried any other options? There are Egg Nogs made with Soy, Almond and Coconut milk and personally I think the Coconut is AMAZING!! Seriously though you guys it is SO high calorically that one yummy egg nog bevy and you are already hitting some high caloric numbers and you haven’t even eaten yet. Opt for wine or something with tonic or soda water… or water:) and for those of you who do not drink, YOU ROCK!!! enjoy a truffle on me:)

Happy Holidays and Cheers to a safe and healthy Season XO Ky

Holiday weight gain

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