As I Reflect…

As I sit and reflect on another year past, I can’t help but feel an overwhelm of gratitude and awareness.

I like to spend the day before a birthday reflecting on the year behind me...What have I done personally, professionally? Where is my heart? My spirit? My self worth and love?

Have I contributed to the world around me? Have I shared my truth? My fears, insecurities, dreams, goals, struggles and wins?

Who do I have to thank? Who has been a leading support in creating who I am TODAY? 

What have I learned? What do I still yearn to learn? 

Did I adventure or did I play safe? 

This year has been a big year for me…

On a business front I co created an international Yoga and Fitness business that allows me to share my love for fitness yoga travel and self compassion all in one sweet little bundle.. And this gives me great joy, and pride. Thank you Tiffany for sharing my passion and vision, here's to many more years.

I decided to dive deep into my Doterra business with my best friend in the whole world, Serena. Thank you for your sweet understanding patience with me as I tap danced around this journey. Here’s to a lifelong successful joyful working relationship.

On a personal front, I have travelled to places that fill me up, I have spent time in (almost) each day in quiet stillness with myself, deepening my meditation practice and sparking the fire inside with my desire for MORE.

I have connected with my shadow…. And began my shadow work. 

I have graciously recognized my dark and have created , and continue to create space for the light to come through… I am honouring my self struggle, and my growth, in all forms.

I came to realize just the other day that I in fact am an introvert. Only took me 35 years to realize…

I am eager to spend this next year connecting to parts of myself that I previously hid or pretended didn’t exist. To connect, befriend and shower with compassion, the parts that have been asking to be seen for years.

I am softening… connecting to my feminine energy and power.

My intentions for my 36th year are to Say YES, when fear whispers NO, To not judge, to meditate everyday, to look within when a judgement DOES come up. To dance, to play, to travel and adventure, to speak loudly and silently about myself with tenderness and pride, to love abundantly the people in my life, to share my passion of yoga fitness and essential oils with the world, to spend less time on my phone, to read more, to spend more time with my Dad, to spend more time in nature…. As the year goes on so will the list.

I thank my Mom ( R.I.P you goddess you.. The role you played in creating me as I am today is monumental… I love you 

I thank my Dad, the sweetest man, my first love. You teach me to work hard but be sure to cause a bit of trouble here and there. You are my safe space to go when I need guidance...even as a grown adult. I love you

I thank my Step Mom, Mary. A step parent is a hard role and you from day one held such high respect for my mother and the relationship her and I had as well as the one I was building with you. You consistently hold space for people of all walks of life with your open arms , hopeless romantic heart, and absolutely judgement free approach to life , and I love you.

I thank my Aunt and friend Thanya. You taught me all the things that parents shy away from… You taught me to dance truly as if nobody was watching, to shine your own light, always, I am incredibly honoured to love you.

I thank my Best friend, Serena, without you my personal growth and self love journey may not have ever happened…. Words don’t do our friendship justice. Forever grateful, I love You.

I thank my other best friend, Serena’s better half, Stefan. You came into our lives almost 4 years ago and within mere minutes my family grew. You challenge me in ways a brother or best friend would and should. I learn from you constantly, and i love you

I thank my love, Derek. You were here, 20 years ago, you were my very best friend in some very important years of life. You held my hand and heart when we lost Mom, and even with 13 years apart, you never felt further away than a phone call. You have held a place in my heart since I was 16 years old, thank you for always being a safe place to be, I am so grateful to have found your hand again, I love you

I have a handful of incredible men and women in my life who I would love to acknowledge and share a THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU for playing a very important role in shaping who I am

Jac, Carrie, Tiff, Rick, Stu, Tyra, Tuna, Eoin, Jae… You hold very precious space in my heart, thank you

Here’s to another beautiful year on Planet Mother Earth

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