Finding your Happiness, again

happiness reminder

happiness reminder


Life is too short to wake up with regrets. so love the people who treat you right. forget about the ones who don’t.believe everything happens for a reason.if you get a second chance, grab it <3″

If I’m being honest, which Id like to be…… I can admit that with my best intentions in living a judgement free, honest, loving life, I fail sometimes.

I go in and out of my personal awareness, consciousness and phases of calmness, and up until a few weeks ago I began to feel “out”



I was asked the other day by someone very dear to me if I was happy…..


But WAS I? Was I AS happy as I could be???


I have been happier….. much.
Now Im not unhappy, I’m not depressed….not even slightly, if you know me, I think this is clear…..BUT

When I stop and backtrack my happy train track, I know that the happiest I felt was when I was practicing regular yoga, reading positive inspiring literature, writing daily gratitudes, blogging and learning regularly and spending time with my dearest friends.

What has been different ??

Why do I feel so sererapted from this place of wholesome???

~ LIFE ~
 Nothing out of the norm
Nothing that I shouldn’t be doing
Nothing that I can stop
I am blessed to have FELT how incredible feels and now I am able to catch on quickly as I fall away from that.
Feeling happy from your soul to your words, from deep within to your outward actions, is such a wonderful place to live and I want back in!!!
I’m writing this post to simply remind you of where you are, where you possibly have been and where you possibly want to be.
I’m writing this also to share the feeling of ‘slipping in life a bit’, ‘falling off track’ and create the space to move back into consciousness.
Life will get busy, and sometimes take over your every thought…… This is reality.
What is so great about that is when you wake up, when you open your eyes, and say hello to the day, You get the chance to make a choice.
I have began incorporating yoga into my training schedule again and after my first practice… I FELT IT.
I felt the shift, and I felt the Happiness.
What are you focusing on today?
What do you WANT to do today?
What emotion do you WANT to feel?
Do you want to give and receive love today?
Do you want to create happiness for yourself and others today?
All sorts of opportunity sits with you in these first few moments, it’s up to you as to what you do with the rest of the day.
Do the things that bring you internal happiness and those around you will reap nothing but the amazing benefits 🙂

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