3 Tips to Healthy & Happy

When it comes to living a life full of wellness happiness and health I believe there are a few key areas in which require some daily attention.

First and foremost

I believe very much in incorporating a Meditation practice into your everyday. Spending even just a few minutes each day in silence and solitude is so powerful. Giving yourself time dedicated to slowing down both mind and body allows you time to rest and recharge.

I spend 10 minutes everyday upon waking up, in meditation. Before I’ve even left my bed, I prop myself up, sometimes I’ll even get out of bed and use my mediation pillow on the floor, but often I just sit up in bed, choose my favorite essential oil to inhale and begin my practice.

I will also add in an evening session if the day allows it .


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Second tip is preparing.

Preparing for everything. You’ve heard the term “food prep” and it is likely number one on the list of things to prep for. Having your food ready and packed for your day ahead can be life changing. This way you KNOW exactly what it is your food, and there is no excuse to eat crap.

I use a food delivery service ( in Victoria, BC) and have taken this task off my list after years of regular food prep and I couldn’t be happier about the choice. Not only have I saved time but I have saved MONEY!!

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Also prepare for your exercise. Set a plan, hire a trainer, join a class, team up with a buddy and pick your days, your times and your workouts. Don’t just go to the gym. Go with a plan. Know what you’re doing each day, train with purpose. Are you going on holiday ? Make sure the hotel has a fitness facility or that your air bnb has a facility nearby. If you skip out on your exercise regime just because you’re not home or away from your regular routine you are slowing down the process and you’re bound to struggle with it when you DO return.


Third Tip is Timing.

Get it done early- I realize this isn’t possible for some people’s work or life schedule however for those who CAN make it happen first thing in the day, I highly recommend it.

Exercise first thing in your day is a great metabolic booster and endorphin kick. Sweating is a great way to start the day and cleanse the skin from within. Also if your day is long and challenging you’ve removed the need to go to the gym because you’ve already done it !!!



It’s not as hard as we’ve made it out out to be.





LOWER STRESS, at every chance you can.


Wishing you love and light and ton of fun on your wellness journey


Thank you SO much Elysium Health for working with me on this topic
Their graphic below digs into some of the more science focused aspects of living a healthy life. Did you know that diet, sleep, and exercise play a major role in your body’s metabolic functions? For example, staring at your phone screen in the hours leading up to bed can throw off your internal clock by suppressing your brain’s melatonin production. Not only will this negatively affect your sleep, but it can also lead to long term metabolic disorders. Looking for even more scientific info? Check out this page which deeper explores the relationship between NAD+, your metabolism, and cells.


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